We stand out from the crowd. Our technical expertise and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.


About us

Secure Sense is an IT solution provider specializing in network and security services and product implementation. Not only are we a Value Added Reseller (VAR), we offer managed services and a range of professional services, allowing us to deliver optimal custom solutions for our customers. We’ve drawn on our skills and in-depth knowledge to drive and establish a philosophy wherein clients are always provided with the value and return on investment they should expect from IT security expenditures.

  • Best-of-Breed Approach

    To be the best of the best, its imperative to have the most up-to-date security practices. Secure Sense’s unique Best-of-Breed approach to delivering network and security services has made us a trusted advisor to some of Canada’s largest organizations. Before selecting a technology partner, our team of engineers performs a detailed analysis of each product. Upon selecting a technology, our technical and sales teams complete all the required certifications to become experts of the product. This allows for seamless implementation, integration and training of the product for our customers.

  • Continuous Protection

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- nobody gains from wasted time. Never satisfied with industry standards? Our specialists are always looking for more efficient methods to improve their practices. Leading this belief is our commitment to attaining the latest certifications in the industry. Secure Sense is focused on applying the most up-to-date industry accepted practices to our clients’ environments, ensuring continuous protection from advanced threats in today’s IT landscape.

  • Prevent Loss of Time and Money

    We believe that a project’s success stems from intelligent, careful and tactful preparation. By placing an emphasis on the preliminary and planning stages, we can ultimately prevent loss in time and money. We are experts in providing turnkey solutions and ensuring that all implementations and goals follow a strict methodology. We base our practices on listening to our clients’ specific needs and focusing on what they are looking to gain from the relationship. These factors result in successful project completion and satisfied customers- Secure Sense’s ultimate goal.