The Orange Book

by Secure Sense

IT Pros, meet The Orange Book: your go-to guide to the latest innovations within the IT realm. The Orange Book is an annual publication brought to you by Secure Sense, aimed at arming the end user with the latest information on technologies and trends that are relevant in today’s landscape.


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Providing you with information on the most up to date security practices.

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Your go-to source for all things Information Security in one concise book.


Our goal is to arm you with the latest information on trends, influencers, and technologies on the market.

The Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC), or otherwise known as the Orange Book, is a United States Government Department of Defense (DOD) standard that unless you studied for your CISSP exam, or watched the movie Hackers, is probably not really relevant to you today.

But we've crafted a solution.

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