Major Monetary Cyber Thefts in Europe

Within 6 days of each other, two large European companies suffered a combined loss of €120 million, roughly $184 million Canadian. I bet you’re wondering how? On January 19, 2016, Austrian aerospace component manufacturers FACC AG, reported an outflow of ... »

This Week in Breaches: University of Virginia

Nowadays cyber-attacks are more aggressive and more sophisticated, making it even harder for companies and institutions to catch up and keep up with the evolving technology. But sometimes, a common email scam is all takes to infiltrate your security environment. ... »

FortiOS SSH Update

  On January 13, 2016 we reported about a FortiOS SSH exploit, and it looks like it has a larger scope than originally reported. After the original report, Fortinet further investigated their product line and discovered the same vulnerability on some ... »

Do you know what your biggest security risk is?

What do Sony, Ashley Maddison, and Target all have in common? All three enterprise companies were subject of a major data breach in 2015.  In lieu of the breaches stated above, others that occurred in 2015 and the attacks that ... »

This Week in Breaches: Hyatt Hotels

In late November of last year, Hyatt acknowledged that malware affecting credit card payment data had been found within their systems. An investigation was launched with third party security companies Mandiant and Kroll, and a public announcement of the breach ... »