1.5 Million Customers’ Information Exposed in Data Breach

Every year Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a B2B unit of the telecommunications company, releases their Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). This report is complete with case studies of the year’s most interesting and impactful data breaches. The reports include the hard lessons ... »

For Hire: Uber Bounty Hunters

Typically, when most North Americans hear the term Bounty Hunter, images of a jacked up, sunglass wearing, blonde goliath come to mind. In terms of cyber security, it’s highly unlikely you’d ever see someone who fits that bill. It recently ... »

iMessage Vulnerability Discovered

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have discovered a flaw that allows skilled attackers to intercept and decrypt video and images sent on iMessage. Apple partially fixed the flaw in the latest iOS 9, but the exploit leaves versions prior vulnerable. ... »

JLaw Breach

In late August of 2014, approximately 100 female celebrities had their privacy breached, when personal and intimate photos were published online, sourced from their private iCloud or Gmail accounts. At the time of the leak, or commonly known as “The ... »

Bank of England Governor, or Nigerian Prince?

In July of 2013, Mark Carney was appointed the Governor for the Bank of England, and within mere months, he was the subject of a “Nigerian Prince” email scam. California native Cameron Smith was the target of this scam when ... »