2.2 Million Sensitive Records Leaked

A mid-2014 database that contained 2.2 million records of individuals with suspected ties to terrorism, organized crime, money laundering, bribery, and corruption links has been leaked. The source of the leak is from World-Check, a database of politically exposed persons ... »

Is Vulnerability Management Still a “B” Horror Movie? via BeyondTrust

Here we are in 2016, and the state of information security (specifically the lack thereof) feels more like a bad Toxic Avenger sequel than a box office blockbuster. We’ve had major breaches, huge failures,  significant doubt, speculation about new technologies ... »

Dangers of Selling Old Hard Drives and Devices

If you were at our annual Camp Secure Sense this year, then you will remember the compelling presentation by Fortinet’s Senior Security Strategist, Aamir Lakhani. Lakhani spoke about the reality of digital breadcrumbs being left behind, without the realization. He ... »

Cyberattacks on Healthcare Institutions Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

This year has seen record high attacks against hospitals, most notably the ransomware attack that held Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center hostage for over two weeks. Data stored within healthcare networks is a rising target for attackers on a global scale and ... »

Is your virtualized environment at risk for a data breach?

You know a concept is solid when it grows from a good idea to a standard business practice. It can feel like the change takes place overnight, especially if the solution can quickly prove its ROI – a company adopts ... »