Protect Your Network from an IoT Device Attack – Like the Recent DDoS Assault on Dyn

On October 21st, waves of crippling Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks left some of the most prominent names on the web struggling to ensure consistent access. Dyn, Inc., a company that provides domain name services for about 6% of Fortune 500 ... »

Don’t Let A Lack of Resources Compromise Your Cyber Security

As a bank in today‚Äôs digital environment, cybersecurity concerns play a heavy hand in how we approach evolving customer needs, internal processes, and regulatory requirements. But in our current landscape, where companies of all sizes and in myriad industries can ... »

Yesterday’s Technology & Cyber Risk Today: Time for a Security Assessment? via Bradford Networks

For most IT teams, addressing or thinking about cyber security is a daily concern. From updating AV software to creating security profiles, most IT professionals spend a portion of their day on tasks with a goal of securing their network. ... »

Big Surprise – Russian indicted over LinkedIn and Dropbox mega-breaches

A Russian citizen has been arrested in the Czech Republic and indicted in connection with massive breaches: the 2012 attack on LinkedIn and the subsequent attack on Dropbox. The man, 29-year-old Yevgeniy Nikulin, from Moscow, also allegedly targeted Formspring, a ... »

There’s a New Trojan in Town, Spreading Through Targeted Email Campaign

The authors of a malware sample that has been around for more than two years have yet another trick for distributing it. The Kovter malware sample that has infected systems around the world for the past couple of years is ... »