Here’s what we know about what could be the latest Petya ransomware outbreak

A significant ransomware attack called Petya is spreading across Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere. What we know right now Victims so far include British advertising agency WPP (WPPGY), Danish shipping firm Maersk, Russian oil/gas company Rosneft and U.S.-based pharmaceutical firm Merck. ... »

Avoiding Alert Fatigue: Simplify Incident Response

An FBI report released last year estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an estimated loss of $390 million. Cyber theft is not far different from the physical theft but in fact, it has become the most lucrative way of ... »

#SecurityTipTuesday : Managing Your Passwords Effectively!

Here at Secure Sense, we want the best for you. (But I’m sure you already knew that). That being said, we’ve implemented an epic Security Tip Tuesday series where industry Wizards will be providing you, the people, with the BEST ... »

Stop Business Email Compromise and Imposture Email Threats

According to the FBI, this type of scam has siphoned more than $2.3 billion from more than 17,000 victims—and those are just reported incidents. Alongside Proofpoint, learn how to identify and stop impostor email threats (also known as business email ... »

GhostHook Attack Bypasses Window 10 Patchguard

Security experts have recently discovered a method of bypassing Windows 10 PatchGuard protections and deploying malicious code into the Windows kernel, allowing attackers to plant rootkits on systems previously thought to be impregnable. More than 400 million devices worldwide currently ... »