Bugcrowd Programs at a Glance

We at Bugcrowd, believe crowdsourced security space is evolving rapidly. At Bugcrowd, we have more first-time Program Owners than ever trying out crowdsourced security economics through our Vulnerability Disclosure Programs and hundreds who have transitioned to on-demand and ongoing Bug ... »

Embracing Security Intent and IBNS

What is IBNS, and what are its advantages?  Intent-based network security (hereafter “IBNS”) helps with several areas that are of top concern for enterprise security leaders: Software-defined networking New application deployment Moving applications across platforms (e.g. on-prem, cloud, virtual, containers) ... »

University of Greenwich Fined £120,000

The University of Greenwich, located in the UK, has been fined £120,000 over a data leak in 2016 where 19,500 student and staff data was placed online. The data included a host of personal details including, addresses, date of birth, ... »

How a Security Fabric Helps You Make the Most of Your Secure Sense Services

As your managed services provider, we employ the best practices and best-of-breed technology—both at its security operations center (SOC) and on your premises—to help ensure the safety of your data and reduce risk. As a managed services client, you expect ... »

Is your business ready for a Cyber Attack?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily/working lives- think IoT. Organizations need to spend more money on protecting their cyber-systems; otherwise, hackers could access secure networks by worming through the seemingly unimportant connections like HVAC connectors or printers. However, ... »