#LoveYourJob – Internship Edition

We’re thrilled to bring back, a fan favourite – #LoveYourJob / Crew Interview of the people of Secure Sense. Today you will be meeting Mark, our summer intern. First things first, coffee or tea? Coffee. Tell me about your role ... »

What is Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the key for a safer future for your organization. It’s safe to say that the WannaCry Ransomware attack was one the worst attacks in recent history, approximately 200,000 devices were infected. Well, what if we told you ... »

New Ransomware Offers Free Decryption if you Infect Two Friends

A new ransomware dubbed ‘Popcorn Time’ offers you a free decrypt if you infect two friends. Let’s say it how it is, getting infected with ransomware sucks a lot. You either need to wait it out and hope a free ... »

Hacky Hack Hack

A 14-year-old Australian boy hacked into Apple servers and downloaded 90GB in documents The 14-year-old teen from Melbourne Australia was found to have broken into Apple servers and downloaded approximately 90GB of information. When law enforcement intercepted him, they confiscated ... »

Keypass Ransomware Shows More Dangerous Attacks are on the Way.

The ransomware has a manual switch that allows for more sophisticated attacks. Appearing only last week, the Keypass ransomware has already taken hundreds of devices hostage. Mainly infecting users Brazil and Vietnam, the software has spread worldwide and infected devices ... »