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SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR Integration

Secure Sense is excited to be incorporating Security Orchestration, Automation and Response integration as a standard feature across our existing managed services through our SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR integration. After a wide-ranging research and POC effort over the past year, our Service Development Team and Engineers (and the SOC themselves) unanimously chose to pursue and perfect a new approach to delivering our trusted services. Through this research, our team concluded that...

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SecureVIEW Virtual CISO Service

Secure Sense is very excited to announce a new addition to our managed service delivery: SecureVIEW Virtual CISO service. As many of us know, most security teams are built in a reactionary manner, not by design. Typically, security teams remain understaffed while security budgets remain discretionary rather than being truly viewed as a necessity woven into the fabric of business planning. Without leadership and vision, unintended gaps in controls, processes...

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