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Security Technology: SD-WAN

Welcome to the last week of Cyber Security Awareness month! So far, we’ve really focused on being cyber aware in regards to current types of threats (phishing and ransomware for example) and the importance of training staff and being prepared for anything. Being “technology aware” is vitally important for today’s organizations as the threat landscape (and threat surfaces) evolve rapidly. Most organizations recognize a daunting number of best practices and security requirements,...

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Ransomware Awareness & Response

Welcome back to Cyber Security Awareness Month with Secure Sense! Last week we discussed human error in cyber security and the importance of training your employees to avoid being a victim of a phishing scheme or social engineering attack. This week, we are reviewing ransomware – an attack that is often times a result of credentials stolen via phishing campaigns, or from malicious email links themselves. Ransomware attacks have hit...

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Security Awareness Training

Welcome back to cyber security awareness month with Secure Sense! Due to the current climate, many organizations have transformed their business to run mainly online, and may even have moved their employees to work completely remote. It’s extremely important to regularly keep up on cyber security training for staff as the risk of cyber attacks continue to rise. Cyber Security Awareness month makes for a great time to review your cyber...

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The Value of a Secure Sense Managed Service

It’s October and you know what that means – Welcome back to Cyber Security Awareness Month with Secure Sense! Last year, we talked a lot about the new “cyber norm” as 2020 was the year for changes and transitions into a new way of handling cyber security. This year, as many organizations have settled into the new norm, or now just “the norm," we’re going to focus on the importance of...

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