Is your business ready for a Cyber Attack?

Is your business ready for a Cyber Attack?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily/working lives- think IoT.

Organizations need to spend more money on protecting their cyber-systems; otherwise, hackers could access secure networks by worming through the seemingly unimportant connections like HVAC connectors or printers. However, many companies are not placing the necessary protection in place, thus, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of these weaknesses and are causing large issues within organizations- think Uber, Hudson Bay Group, Under Armor and Equifax.

Cybersecurity goes beyond basic firewalls and internal compliance documents. It involves complex multilayer systems that are preventative, detective and corrective. However, as scary as external threats seem, they are rare- they are on the increase though! Internal threats are much more common and should be counted with least privilege access management practices.

Our partner Varonis created a full infographic that takes you through all areas of your organization to ensure you have the best protection against cyber-threats.

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