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Camp Secure Sense is back!

It is with great excitement we are welcoming back an industry loved event, Camp Secure Sense! Camp is a central hub for cyber security individuals to learn about cutting edge technologies, discover our services and network among like-minded professionals. Readapt ... »

SecurePATCHING Managed Service by Secure Sense

Unpatched systems are the most common technological factor in breaches and loss of productivity. Unfortunately, solutions to patch related risks are often themselves costly in terms of identifying and purchasing quality products, staffing and expertise. Almost two-thirds of breach victims ... »

Log4j: What is it and how can you identify it?

written by: Matthew Watkinson, CIO, Secure Sense Log4j CVE-2021-44228 Public Disclosure On Thursday December 9th, 2021, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability was disclosed [CVE-2021-44228] affecting the Log4j library in versions between 2.0 and 2.14.1.  Log4j is a heavily utilized ... »

Security Technology: SD-WAN

Welcome to the last week of Cyber Security Awareness month! So far, we’ve really focused on being cyber aware in regards to current types of threats (phishing and ransomware for example) and the importance of training staff and being prepared ... »

Ransomware Awareness & Response

Welcome back to Cyber Security Awareness Month with Secure Sense! Last week we discussed human error in cyber security and the importance of training your employees to avoid being a victim of a phishing scheme or social engineering attack. This ... »

Security Awareness Training

Welcome back to cyber security awareness month with Secure Sense! Due to the current climate, many organizations have transformed their business to run mainly online, and may even have moved their employees to work completely remote. It’s extremely important to ... »

The Value of a Secure Sense Managed Service

It’s October and you know what that means – Welcome back to Cyber Security Awareness Month with Secure Sense! Last year, we talked a lot about the new “cyber norm” as 2020 was the year for changes and transitions into ... »

5 Tips for Achieving Better Cybersecurity Risk Management

Casey Ellis, founder, CTO and chairman of Bugcrowd, discusses a roadmap for lowering risk from cyberattacks most effectively. When thinking about cybersecurity risk management, think about the last time you were comparing health-insurance policies. Each policy offers a means to ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Zeynep

Happy Wednesday! Today, we have a crew interview with Zeynep – one of our Account Executives! First things first, coffee or tea? Although I grew up with tea culture, I enjoy a strong cup of coffee to jump start my ... »

Introducing the new Secure SD-WAN Managed Service from Secure Sense

Secure Sense, a subsidiary of TELUS, has partnered with Fortinet to power our new Secure SD-WAN managed solution. The service offers comprehensive built in security, designed to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure, giving you the ability to eliminate security ... »

SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR Integration

Secure Sense is excited to be incorporating Security Orchestration, Automation and Response integration as a standard feature across our existing managed services through our SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR integration. After a wide-ranging research and POC effort over the past year, ... »

SecureVIEW Virtual CISO Service

Secure Sense is very excited to announce a new addition to our managed service delivery: SecureVIEW Virtual CISO service. As many of us know, most security teams are built in a reactionary manner, not by design. Typically, security teams remain ... »

Utility and Energy Security Exchange Forum

Secure Sense is very excited to announce a new program called the Utility and Energy Security Exchange Forum (UESX). The UESX will provide tools and resources to help address cyber security challenges that organizations in the Utilities/Energy industry face daily. ... »

#LoveYourJob –Crew Interview

We’re back with another crew interview with our Office Manager, Kerry!  First things first, coffee or tea?  Of course, has to be Tea. Tell me about your role at Secure Sense:  I am the office Manager and started at Secure ... »

Industry Event: IoMT Security in Healthcare – The Next Threat Vector

Currently, there are 7.1 million patients using connected medical devices and remote monitoring solutions. As healthcare organizations connect more devices, the more unprepared they become to address the security risks these devices introduce. Attacks on healthcare organizations and IoMT devices ... »

IoMT Security in Healthcare

Happy New Year and welcome back to the first work week of the year! As we move into 2021, we can look back into 2020 and see that it was a tough year for many industries as the pandemic brought ... »

Tips To Stay Safe During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This year, Black Friday might look a bit different than recent years. As we work through the second wave of the pandemic, many people will be looking to take advantage of Black Friday deals online, turning Black Friday into an ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Lucy

We’re back with another crew interview with one of our Customer Success Managers, Lucy!  First things first, coffee or tea? I am a coffee person especially when Kevin makes it. In the afternoon, I usually opt for a boiling hot ... »

Week 4: Pop Quiz Answers

Happy Monday and thank you to all that participated throughout October’s Cyber Security Awareness Month! We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two about the importance of cybersecurity. As always, continue reading for the pop quiz answers below! We have entered all participants (with ... »

Cyber Security Training: Why Everyone Needs It

Welcome to the final blog of cyber security awareness month! We’d like to finish off this week of Human Disadvantage and Security to discuss the importance of cyber security training and why it’s important for all organizations to implement training ... »

Password Hygiene and Security

Many of our daily activities have moved to the internet such as reading our mail, banking, watching movies, and shopping. But what do all of these activities have in common?  If you guessed passwords, than you are absolutely correct! All these accounts we set up require passwords and too ... »

Week 3: Pop Quiz Answers

Happy Monday and welcome to the fourth and final week of Cyber Security Awareness Month! As always, thank you to those who participated in our LinkedIn Pop Quiz on Friday. Continue reading for the pop quiz answers below! We have entered all participants (with correct answers!) in ... »

The Importance of Professional Services in Cyber Security

Continuing on the broader theme of Security Awareness and Security Services, we turn our attention to the important role that Professional Services play in the security industry. A wise person once said that knowing what one does not know is ... »

The Secure Sense Approach to Customer Success

A founding principle at Secure Sense is our dedication to customer success and care – an approach that spans across all areas of business. Each practice is fuelled by creating the best customer service outcome, so the natural next step ... »

The Real Value of a Managed Service

We’ve entered week three of Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’re excited to turn our focus to the importance of a managed security service and how working with a service provider can keep your organization safe and out of the ... »

Week 2: Pop Quiz Answers and Winner!

Happy Monday and welcome to the third week of Cyber Security Awareness Month! Thank you to those who participated in our Pop Quiz on Friday. Continue reading for the pop quiz answers below! We have entered all participants (with correct answers!) in the draw and your name ... »

Security Technology: Private WAN & SD-WAN

Written By: Matthew Watkinson As discussed in our previous blog (you can check it out here), being technology aware is important in today’s landscape as threats and security are advancing at a rapid rate.  Sometimes we face challenges in finding the right technology for our organization, one being long-term, cost effective solutions.  As we near the end ... »

Security Technology: Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

Week two of Cyber Security Awareness Month is among us and this week our focus is on Security Technologies and knowing what it takes to keep our organizations safe. Today we will discuss Next-Generation Endpoint Protection and what “Next-Gen” means ... »

Pop Quiz Winner!

Happy Tuesday! Thank you to those who participated in our Pop Quiz last Friday. We have entered all participants (with correct answers!) in the draw. Below are the answers to each question: Cyber Security Awareness consists of which of the ... »

How to Protect Against Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Given the current state, holidays, and special cyber shopping sales, are no longer the only days to worry about email phishing scams. As mentioned in our previous blog (you can catch up here), the pandemic has resulted in a major ... »

The New Cyber Norm

Cyber Security Awareness Month Commences! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Cyber Security Awareness Month! In true Secure Sense fashion, we want to arm you, the people, with our top security knowledge, tips and tricks to keep your ... »

Getting to NSE Level 8: A Conversation with Matthew Watkinson

Matthew Watkinson is the chief security architect at Secure Sense, an IT security provider based in Canada. He has achieved Level 8 certification through Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) Training Institute’s Certification Program. He is skilled in the technical aspects of unified ... »

How To Make Distance Learning Secure

Distance learning has become the norm for families across the country in the past few months as education leaders try to keep staff and students safe. While we approach the fall season- and back to school, it is unclear how ... »

The Email Gateway May Be More Relevant Than Ever

Phishing attacks, both targeted and broad spectrum, have become commonplace in the workplace and private life. If you have an email account, you have probably received at least a few offers to help a desperate, ex-communicated Prince in a far-off ... »

Emergency Enablement for Remote Work: Secure Virtual Desktop Edition

By: Matthew Watkinson “These are unprecedented times.” A sentiment rendered no less true despite my disdain for hearing this phrase multiple times a day. We ARE in unprecedented times. We live in a world where the majority of the workforce is no longer in ... »

Secure Sense Recognized on CRN’s 2020 MSP500 List

Burlington, ON, February 18, 2020 – Secure Sense, Canada’s fastest growing security firm, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company has named Secure Sense to its 2020 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Security 100 ... »

Customers Choose Fortinet Secure SD-WAN for a Cloud-Ready Branch

Why a Healthcare Agency in the Middle East Chose Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN Solution to Connect Nearly 150 Clinics to their Private Cloud Organizations increasingly rely on new business applications to deliver valuable resources and services, and nowhere is this more ... »

2019 Holiday Event

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate a successful year, Hawaiian style! Our third annual holiday event was complete with delicious food, Mai Tai’s, special guests from the north pole, and fun had by all. We look forward ... »

Cybersecurity Traveling Tips for the Holiday Season

Many of us take vacations during the holidays but sometimes we forget to be extra careful with our cybersecurity when getting that much needed R&R. Keep reading for some holiday security tips from our partner, Rapid7. Most travelers generally focus on ... »

Secure Sense Partners with LogRhythm to Offer Industry’s First Unlimited Data Plan for SIEM

Burlington, ON – October 1, 2019 – Secure Sense is now offering an unlimited data plan for SIEM through its partnership with LogRhythm. While other vendors in the industry have previously claimed to support unlimited data plans, those promises have ... »

Securing Your Dynamic Cloud Strategy

Historically, the transition from older technology to new technology is pretty straightforward. While a handful of folks using an Underwood manual typewriter may have been reluctant to give them up, the majority of users were eager to switch to an ... »

Overburdened SOC Analysts Shift Priorities

Many SOC analysts are starting to shut off high-alert features to keep pace with the volume, new study shows. Yet another red flag that the security operations center is burning: Most SOC analysts now say their primary role is to ... »

Fortinet Reports Increased YoY Threat Activity for Q2 2019

Fortinet has just released its Threat Landscape Report for Q2 of 2019. This quarterly series provides key insights into the threat trends and cybercriminals behaviors to help organizations prepare for and protect themselves against their constantly evolving adversaries. As evidence of ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Alanna

We’re back with another crew interview with one of our Customer Success Managers, Alanna!  First things first, coffee or tea? Definitely a tea fiend! I do occasionally partake in coffee, but this subsequently leads to my colleagues asking me to ... »

What Is A Cybersecurity Framework And Why Is It Important For Your Organization?

Cyber attacks are constantly happening around the world and evolving every day to become more sophisticated, making it very difficult to proactively prevent all unforeseen attacks. So what can you do as a reactive approach to save your organization? Proper ... »

Camp Secure Sense 2019 Recap

Thank you to everyone who made it out to Camp Secure Sense 2019! We appreciate each and every one of you that took time out of your professional and personal lives to come celebrate our 5th year anniversary. This event ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Kevin

Happy Monday! We’re here with Kevin, one of our Customer Success Managers, with another edition of  #LoveYourJob. First things first, coffee or tea? Coffee is life Tell me about your role at Secure Sense: My role as Customer Success Manager ... »

Secure Sense Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

Secure Sense places on the Security 100 of CRN’s 2019 Managed Service Provider 500 list Burlington, ON February 19, 2019 – Secure Sense, Canada’s fastest growing cybersecurity firm, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Secure Sense ... »

Do You Love your Customers? 3 Tips to Secure Data and Protect Your Customers and Employees

With regulations like GDPR and high profile data breaches making headlines, businesses have an obligation to not only comply with data privacy laws but go above and beyond to secure proprietary, sensitive, consumer data like never before.   What are ... »

7 Signs You have a Weak Password

As we welcome 2019 and set goals for the year ahead, we think it’s the perfect time to rethink and refresh your all your weak passwords. It a great time to refresh those stale and potentially leaked passwords you’ve been ... »

The 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

Solution providers will have to contend with a multitude of security-related challenges in 2019 ranging from nation-state and supply chain attacks to increased activity around biometrics and cryptomining. Here’s are 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2019: Increased Social Engineering Will Force ... »

ThreatList: Holiday Spam, the Perfect Seasonal Gift for Criminals

It’s no surprise, consumers are much more likely to fall for spam during the holiday season. Maybe holiday cheer makes people less cynical. If so, that explains why social-engineering spam tactics prove to be more effective during the festive season. ... »

#LoveYourJob: Crew Interview with Pat

Happy Monday, morning folks! It’s December 10th, which means only 15 days until Christmas and this month’s #CrewInterview with sales extraordinaire, Pat Daly. First things first, coffee or tea? Without question Coffee from Tim’s…1 C, 3 S…sugar is my vise…need ... »

Canada Post admits thousands of Ontario cannabis buyers’ information breached

Canada Post acknowledged Wednesday that thousands of Ontario customers buying cannabis had their information breached. The national mail service has not notified the buyers behind 4,500 orders who had their data compromised. The breach became public after the Ontario Cannabis ... »

How Fileless Malware Changes The Way We Treat Cyber Threats

Traditionally, AV and other endpoint security products have focused on files (executables) to detect and prevent malware. There are several advantages to this. Files can be hashed, queried in reputation services, examined by both static analysis and machine learning, and ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Paola

Happy Hump Day! We’re here with Paola, our fearless SOC Manager for this October’s #LoveYourJob Crew Interview.   First things first, coffee or tea? Always coffee and if it’s Colombian coffee even better! Tell me about your role at Secure Sense: I’m ... »

Explaining Canada’s Data Breach Regulations

Digital technology has served as a catalyst for modernization; however, it also created new opportunities for corporations to hide information from consumers. Tackling this issue, the Federal Government released new regulations requiring companies to report data breaches in a timely ... »

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Connor

Happy Monday, all! We’re back with another edition of #LoveYourJob, with SOC Analyst, Connor. First things first, coffee or tea? Coffee, always.  Tell me about your role at Secure Sense: Right now I am an analyst in our SOC (Security ... »

Why avoiding social media might make your business less safe

Social media has rapidly become a standard for digital communications and business connectivity, providing organizations with unprecedented ability to build brand, engage customers and expand their reach. Despite recent negative headlines, social networks usage for businesses and their employees alike ... »

#LoveYourJob – Internship Edition

We’re thrilled to bring back, a fan favourite – #LoveYourJob / Crew Interview of the people of Secure Sense. Today you will be meeting Mark, our summer intern. First things first, coffee or tea? Coffee. Tell me about your role ... »

What is Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the key for a safer future for your organization. It’s safe to say that the WannaCry Ransomware attack was one the worst attacks in recent history, approximately 200,000 devices were infected. Well, what if we told you ... »

New Ransomware Offers Free Decryption if you Infect Two Friends

A new ransomware dubbed ‘Popcorn Time’ offers you a free decrypt if you infect two friends. Let’s say it how it is, getting infected with ransomware sucks a lot. You either need to wait it out and hope a free ... »

Hacky Hack Hack

A 14-year-old Australian boy hacked into Apple servers and downloaded 90GB in documents The 14-year-old teen from Melbourne Australia was found to have broken into Apple servers and downloaded approximately 90GB of information. When law enforcement intercepted him, they confiscated ... »

Keypass Ransomware Shows More Dangerous Attacks are on the Way.

The ransomware has a manual switch that allows for more sophisticated attacks. Appearing only last week, the Keypass ransomware has already taken hundreds of devices hostage. Mainly infecting users Brazil and Vietnam, the software has spread worldwide and infected devices ... »

Why Should Organizations Use A Managed Service Provider?

Today, business owners have hundreds of things to worry about, coupled with the rise of cybercrime it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on top of everything. Bad actors work around the clock to find exploits in our networks and damage ... »

Has Tennis Turned into a Cybersecurity Battle Ground?

Wimbledon ended earlier in the summer, yet, their cybersecurity team works year round Often dubbed the grandest tennis tournament, Wimbledon hosts the greatest stars in the world for a few weeks of tennis. Founded in 1877 the tournament stays true ... »

Ivy League University Suffers Data Breach, Only Finds Out a Decade Later

Yale University suffered a data breach in 2008 leading to 129,000 affected people Located in New Haven Connecticut, Yale University is one of the most prestigious in the US. Producing alumni like; Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper and Indra Nooyi. Yet, ... »

Hackers Shoot for PGA Ransomware Success

The latest ransomware attack of the summer impacts golf’s governing body Early Tuesday morning officials at the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) found that their systems had been compromised. The group discovered the attack when they attempted to access documents, but ... »

Has the ‘Unhackable’ Wallet Been Hacked?

A week after launch Pen Testers say they have successfully hacked into the Bitfi wallet. July 2018 saw cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Bitfi offer a $100,000 (later raised to $250,000) bounty for anyone that was able to hack into their ... »

Google’s Summer Privacy Changes

#1: Google is implementing a new privacy system that lets you know if you are being attacked by the government Last week, Google announced they were adding a feature that notifies organizations if they believe one or more user accounts ... »

Major Apple iPhone Supplier Attacked with Virus

The virus is expected to cost the manufacturer $255million Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) announced that on Friday they faced a security incident. The incident started when a software tool failed to install, therefore, requiring it to be connected to ... »

What You Need to Know About the Reddit Breach

On August 1st, Reddit announced a breach where an attacker was able to access user data. In an official Reddit post, Reddit made a quick statement and said; A hacker broke into a few of Reddit’s systems and managed to ... »

Prisoners Steal $225k From Inside Prison

Using an exploit found in a payment tablet, prisoners were able to fraudulently increase their balance Idaho State prison officials said they recently found an elaborate scheme of 364 inmates exploiting a software vulnerability found in JPay . Through the ... »

Earn $10,000 to Hack into your Printer!

You heard it right, if you can hack into your HP printer you could be awarded a $10,000 reward. As the IoT is set to further explode into mainstream life, security professionals get ready for the impossible challenge of defending ... »

New Malware Maximizes Attackers Profits

New Russian born malware chooses if users should be attacked with Ransomware or Crypto Script. Historically, ransomware attacks have been strictly infecting computers with ransomware. While crypto attacks have been infecting CPU’s with crypto mining scripts. However, hackers have found ... »

How UEBA Can Save Your Organization From Internal Threats

A recent 2017 study shows that 69% of organizations were impacted by a form of internal data theft. UEBA can help. Everyone has heard about external threats, whether this be ransomware like WannaCry, crypto jacking or phishing. Yet, no one ... »

Resurgence of WannaCry?

The ransomware the took thousands hostage last year is back. But this time it’s different. Last year you may remember hearing about the WannaCry ransomware. The virus spread like wildfire and ended up infiltrating large organizations like the UK’s NHS ... »

FortiOS 6.0 Transforms Security to Enable Digital Transformation: 5 Highlights from Our Camp Secure Sense Presentation

We recently had an opportunity to deliver a presentation on FortiOS 6.0 at the Camp Secure Sense customer and partner conference in southern Ontario, Canada. With some of the most well-known organizations under the Maple Leaf Flag in attendance, the ... »

The Difference between a Computer Virus and Computer Worm

Computer Viruses and worms are often used interchangeably: there are a few key differences in how they work. Both viruses and worms are a type of malware: a worm is a type of virus. What is a Computer Virus? Computer viruses are named after ... »

Fitness App Causes a Security Risk in High Ranking Military Officers and Spies

Polar Flow announced a halt to their Explore feature among security threats Polar is a Finnish based fitness accessory company that focuses on smartwatches, bike computers and similar fitness devices. These devices are connected to their mobile application POLAR flow, ... »

How the Rise of Cryptocurrencies Fueled Cyber-Criminals

Since the start of the year, there has been a fivefold increase in phishing attacks for cryptocurrencies. In 2016, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)- essentially crowdfunding for cryptocurrencies- collected around $240 million. 2017 brought in over $5.5 billion in ICO’s. This ... »

Amazon Prime Day: Christmas for Adults

Amazon made just made the start of this week much better! Prime Day gives you the next 36 hours to completely revamp everything in your house. For those of you unfamiliar with Prime Day, it’s like black Friday where millions ... »

Friday the 13th Recap of 2018 Cyber Scares

2018 is just over halfway done but we’ve still seen a few large-scale hacks What better day to reflect on the biggest cybersecurity stories of the year than Friday the 13th. Did you know, Friday the 13th has been a ... »

Mimecast acquires Cybersecurity training company Ataata

Currently, about 95% of data breaches stem from human error. Ataata aims to change this. Secure Sense partner, Mimecast describes Ataata as a “security awareness training and cyber risk management platform that helps you combat information security breaches caused by ... »

Halfway Analysis of 2018 Predictions

It’s hard to believe that we’re past the halfway mark of 2018. It seems like just yesterday we were putting up the Christmas trees and celebrating the new year. At the end of 2017, our partner Varonis wrote a blog ... »

Camp Secure Sense Recap

The Camp Secure Sense recap you’ve all been waiting for. Camp may have ended in June, but the memory will live on! We hope that everyone had a fantastic time and we are extremely thankful that over a 100 of ... »

Did you Sell Your Data to see Your Favorite Band?

Global ticket distribution company Ticketmaster recently identified malicious software in their automated chatbot. The breach was found by Ticketmaster UK on Saturday June 23rd, 2018 and affected less than 5% of their global customer base. However, “Customers in North America ... »

Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE): Open-Source Release

By Greg Foss We are pleased to announce the release of the LogRhythm Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE), an integrated application with LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) platform. What is Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE)? LogRhythm’s PIE can help streamline and automate ... »

Do Employees Really Fall Victim to Phishing Attacks?

A recent study conducted by security firm Positive Technologies found that 27% of participants fell victim to a form of social engineering. In the study, white hat hackers at Positive Technologies acted as true hackers and sent three groups of ... »

Mozilla Integrates ‘’ Into its Firefox Browser

The partnership allows Mozilla Firefox users to easily check if their data has ever been leaked. In an increasingly digitized world our data becomes more and more precious. Nowadays, we keep everything online, banking details and personal details just to ... »

Attackers Take Advantage of Fortnite’s Late Android Release

Sorry Android users, there are no shortcuts to get Fortnite early. The past few months has seen the exponential rise of Epic Games battle royal style game, Fortnite. The game has 100 users/ lobby drop into an open map where ... »

Fatboy Ransomware uses Big Mac Index to Calculate Price Demands

A recently discovered ransomware-for-hire scheme named Fatboy calculates regional ransom demands based on the publicly available Big Mac Index. The Big Mac Index is an economic measure used to find the purchasing power parity – an approximation of what consumers ... »

Hackers Shooting for World Cup Success with New Phishing Attack

The World is captivated by the biggest event in sports, the FIFA World Cup. However, hackers are using World Cup frenzy to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Check Point Software Technologies recently reported a phishing campaign where individuals are prompted ... »

What Everyone Must Know About Camp Secure Sense

In a few days over 100 cybersecurity professionals from around Canada will be together for the 4th annual Camp Secure Sense. Camp Secure Sense is our 2-day, 1-night security conference. Supported by our best-of-breed security partners, Camp offers guests’ today’s ... »

A Brief Explanation of Cryptojacking

2017 saw a 1200% appreciation in the value of the cryptocurrency market. In 2016 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)- IPO’s for the cryptocurrency market- collected around $240 million. 2017 brought in over $5.5 billion in ICO’s. With this in mind, how ... »

Journey to the AI-Enabled SOC: Advancing the Science of Threat Detection

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled analytics offer great promise for furthering the science of advanced threat detection. While it is difficult to imagine AI superseding the cognitive and instinctive power of talented security analysts and threat hunters in the immediate future, AI ... »

Roaming Mantis Takes the World by Storm

Back in April a form of Domain Name System (DNS) virus was reported in Southeast Asia. The virus dubbed ‘Roaming Mantis’ would hijack a device and incorrectly translate a URL into an IP address. This process is standard in computing ... »

Is Your Car Vulnerable to Cyberattack?

To put it simply; yes, your car is vulnerable to cyberattack. As automobiles become increasingly digitized the attack surface also increases. Recently, a group of Chinese white hat hackers at Keen Security Lab found 14 vulnerabilities in BMW cars. These ... »

The 9 Most Vital Network Security Best Practices

An old truism suggests that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While this saying is relevant in most aspects of daily life, it becomes especially appropriate when applied to business network security. Data Dangers Thanks to ... »

Fortinet Acquires Bradford Networks

On June 4th, Fortinet announced they were acquiring Bradford Networks. Strengthening the Fortinet Security Fabric and extend segmentation and security to the edge of the enterprise network including Internet of Things (IoT). This purchase comes during a time of increased ... »

Bugcrowd Programs at a Glance

We at Bugcrowd, believe crowdsourced security space is evolving rapidly. At Bugcrowd, we have more first-time Program Owners than ever trying out crowdsourced security economics through our Vulnerability Disclosure Programs and hundreds who have transitioned to on-demand and ongoing Bug ... »

Is your business ready for a Cyber Attack?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily/working lives- think IoT. Organizations need to spend more money on protecting their cyber-systems; otherwise, hackers could access secure networks by worming through the seemingly unimportant connections like HVAC connectors or printers. However, ... »

How to Close IoT Security Gaps

Protecting IoT devices is currently one of the biggest challenges in network security. These devices are also one of the most common reasons organizations fail network security audits. IoT security challenges are growing at a staggering pace, with Gartner predicting ... »

Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor Suffer Massive Payment Card Breach

A few weeks ago, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks OFF 5TH and Lord & Taylor stores located in North America suffered a massive data breach where hackers stole millions of shopper’s payment card information. This includes credit cards, debit cards, cardholder ... »

Why IT leaders attend Camp Secure Sense

In 35 days, the doors open to Camp Secure Sense 2018. With over 100 IT professionals from various industries attending it’s an event that no cyber professional should miss. Because Camp Secure Sense is a ‘no product pitch zone’ and ... »

Cybercriminals attack Under Armor owned App

One of the biggest data breaches in history hit Under Armor owned MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app that tracks users caloric and macro intake. It used to be a lone app, however, in 2015 it was purchased by Under ... »

Twitter Sets the Standard for Bug Reporting

Last Thursday (May 3rd) Twitter announced “[they] recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log. [They] fixed the bug and have no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone. As a precaution, consider changing your ... »

6 Things to Watch Out for in Phishing Attacks

While phishing attacks may be one of the oldest forms of attacks, they have shown no signs of slowing down. The growth of phishing attacks in both frequency and sophistication poses a significant threat to organizations of all size. It’s ... »

Why Cyber Security is the New Health and Safety

Many people view the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as unnecessary and burdensome, but its introduction has had a dramatic impact on reducing accidents in the workplace, particularly within industrial settings. This blog was originally posted by our ... »

Solving the Industrial IoT Challenge: How Manufacturing Companies Can Keep Devices Secure

Whether manufacturing organizations are retrofitting IoT devices into existing manufacturing equipment or buying new equipment that already includes IoT devices and sensors, it is clear that IoT devices are poised to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency. The “IoT in manufacturing” market ... »

What is Camp Secure Sense?

At Secure Sense, we do things under our own banner. And it’s no exception when it comes to Camp. But what is Camp you ask? Well, Camp Secure Sense is our take on the traditional ‘steak lunch,’ without being, a ... »

2017 Holiday Party

Better late than never right? All of us from Secure Sense just want to extend a sincere thank you to all those that attended our first (and very memorable) Holiday Party. The evening was complete with lots of food, drinks, ... »

6 lessons from horror films for avoiding phishing attacks

Most people know enough about horror films to recognize that the victims make the same mistakes time and again. There are the teenagers who follow a creepy noise and walk right into the killer, the couples who ignore warnings about ... »

What do Pumpkin Spice and Cyber Security Have in Common?

Give up yet? The answer, October. Why October? Continue reading to find out how pumpkin spice and cyber security are related. October is the month when the leaves begin to change, and fall, pumpkin spice is considered a food group ... »

Canadian Business unveils 29th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Secure Sense Ranks as Fastest-Growing Information Technology Firm on 2017 PROFIT 500 For Second Consecutive Year. Burlington, September 18, 2017-  Canadian Business and PROFIT ranked Secure Sense as the fastest-growing information technology firm for the second year and No. 20 ... »

CCleaner malware infected 2.27M users

The popular and free software, CCleaner has been reported to have infected 2.27 million users with malware. Here’s what you need to know. Users of a free software tool designed to optimize system performance on Windows PCs and Android mobile ... »

#SecurityTipTuesday: Stay Ahead of the Attack and Patch!

There are countless ways that attackers can compromise your network. Malware infected email attachments and compromised websites that deliver harmful scripts, typically tend to take advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities in OS systems, web browsers, and other applications to do irreparable ... »

Camp Secure Sense 2017 – Recap

Wow, what a week! Camp Secure Sense has come and gone and reflecting back this was one fantastic group of customers and sponsors that attended. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, without you there would be no ... »

The Google Phishing Attack, Explained

Google recently made an unprecedented move by widely announcing a Gmail phishing scheme through Twitter. The phishing message was especially nasty because of its polish. Uncharacteristically for phishing, there were few errors in the message, and it was created in ... »

Insider Threats, What and Why You Should Be Concerned

Did you know, that insider threats have been behind the sharp increases over the past 18 months in the percentage of organizations that have experienced loss or theft of company data? According to the Ponemon Institute, three out of every ... »

Secure Sense Named One of 2017 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN®

Secure Sense Named One of 2017 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN® Tech Elite 250 list recognizes IT solution providers with deep technical expertise and premier certifications. Burlington, On March 27, 2017 – Secure Sense announced today that CRN®, a ... »

Secure Sense Named 2016 LogRhythm Partner of the Year Canada

Burlington, ON,  February 28, 2017 – Secure Sense, Canada’s fastest growing IT Security company, is pleased to announce it has been named LogRhythm’s 2016 Partner of the Year, Canada. The announcement was made at the LogRhythm Partner Summit, held in Boulder, ... »

What’s Happening at #RSAC17

Will you be attending RSA in San Francisco this February? If so, we have the lowdown on all the exciting things our partners have planned for IT’s biggest event. From dinner parties to beer and ping pong, your go-to guide is ... »

What’s New at Secure Sense?

2017 has already poised to be an incredible and successful year for Secure Sense. Our team has been working endlessly towards our ultimate goal of becoming Canada’s most trusted cyber security firm. That being said, we’d like to take the time ... »

Secure Sense Achieves Blackberry Authorized Reseller Status

On December 13th, 2016 Secure Sense has achieved the Blackberry Authorized Reseller Status. This tier recognizes Partners that have invested in the acquisition of a solid sales knowledge of the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites. We’ve identified the customer demand for ... »

New ‘nasty’ Ransomware Encourages Victims to Attack Other Computers

Popcorn Time malware offers users free removal if they get two other people to install link and pay. A new ransomware variant has been discovered using an innovative system to increase infections: the software turns victims into attackers by offering ... »

Secure Sense Recognized on 2016 CRN Next-Gen 250 List

Secure Sense Recognized on 2016 CRN Next-Gen 250 List Annual List Features Trailblazing Solution Providers Transforming Business with Emerging Technologies Burlington, Ontario, November 7, 2016 – Secure Sense, Canada’s Fastest-Growing IT Company, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The ... »

Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Ahh, October. The time of the year when the air gets crisp, the leaves begin to change and Cyber Security Awareness begins! We may be bias, but we think October is the best month of the year. We live in ... »

#ThrowbackThursday! 3 Breaches That Totally Changed How Security is Viewed

It feels like every week a U.S. company gets hacked. Anyone who works in an IT or legal department is familiar with the bad news that follows: data loss, class action lawsuit, and so on. But not all data breaches ... »

Crew Interview: Mike Brown

Today marks another edition to the Secure Sense Crew Interview, a little q&a, so you can get to know the phenomenal technical and sales teams we have here! For our fourth interview, to show off our crew, we present to you ... »

Secure Sense Ranks No. 13 on the 2016 PROFIT 500

  – PROFIT and Canadian Business unveils 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies – Burlington, Ontario (September 15, 2016) Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Secure Sense No. 13 on the 28th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing ... »

Consumers More Concerned with Financial Data Getting Hacked than Private Information about Their Families Being Exposed

Survey also reveals consumers more likely to hear about data breaches from the news or social media — not from companies holding their data. Centrify, the leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats, today released findings from its 2016 Consumer Trust ... »

Cyber Security Cheat Sheet

Hello, September, we’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival. For most of you, September means back to school for your children, and back to work for you! We understand how easy it is to loose track of security terminology while spending ... »

Information Security Tips for Large Organizations

It seems these days like the majority of companies are starting to get over the “it will never happen to me” mentality, and have realized it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. In July we blogged about Information Security ... »

Product Overview: CylancePROTECT

Predict. Prevent. PROTECT. Stop merely detecting attacks. Prevent them using CylancePROTECT, the only enterprise endpoint solution that blocks threats in real time BEFORE they ever cause harm. “The fundamental flaw in today’s cyber security infrastructure is that detection happens BEFORE prevention. ... »

Presenting a Cylance Unbelievable Tour: Toronto 2016!

 They say, “Seeing is believing.” And, that’s never been truer for those information security professionals who have attended a Cylance’s coast-to-coast “Unbelievable Demo Tour”. The good news if you have never been? We’ve added a stop in Toronto, for the ... »

Secure Sense Crew Interview: Matt Watkinson

We know you’ve been dying to get to know who’s behind both the sales and technological wizardry here at Secure Sense, so here you have it, the Crew Interview. Today kicks off our very first of a mini blog series ... »

Secure Sense Earned #23 on the 2016 CRN Fast Growth 150 List

Secure Sense Named to 2016 CRN Fast Growth 150 List List Recognizes Thriving Solution Providers in the IT Channel Burlington, Ontario, August 8, 2016 – Secure Sense announced that it has been named to The Channel Company’s 2016 CRN® Fast ... »

SysAdmin Day!

Today July 29, 2016, is the 17th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day! So we wanted to show our appreciation for all the SysAdmins out there who day in and day out work to keep our systems safe. Secure Sense Partner ... »

10 Information Security Tips for Small Businesses

When it comes to information and data security, most small business owners often do not know where to start. But in today’s world, customers have naturally come to expect that their sensitive data will be kept secure. It can be ... »

Security Trends: Managed Security Service Providers via Fortinet

Maintain your organization’s integrity, and reduce the risk across all platforms with a Secure Sense Managed Service. At Secure Sense, the safety of your data is the driving force behind providing innovative and efficient protection practices that will never compromise ... »

Dangers of Selling Old Hard Drives and Devices

If you were at our annual Camp Secure Sense this year, then you will remember the compelling presentation by Fortinet’s Senior Security Strategist, Aamir Lakhani. Lakhani spoke about the reality of digital breadcrumbs being left behind, without the realization. He ... »

Yikes! The Average Breach Costs How Much?!

According to a study conducted for IBM by Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach has drastically increased. Ponemon conducted 1,500 interviews in over 383 victim organizations, for 16 different industries, within 12 countries. It was discovered that ... »

Camp Secure Sense 2016 – Recap

What a whirlwind week, Camp Secure Sense has come and gone and we could not have had a better group of individuals to have been there! First off, we would like to thank every single one of you, our amazing ... »

Vulnerability in GNU glibc Affecting Nutanix Products: February 2016

Advisory ID:        Nutanix-sa-003-glibc     CVE-2015-7547 Last Updated:     25 February 2016 Published:           25 February 2016 Version:               1.0 On February 16, 2016 and industry-wide critical vulnerability in the GNU ... »

FireEye Detection Evasion

  It is ALWAYS important to ensure you are following best practices to secure your servers and IT infrastructure. Simple tasks like implementing vendor recommended security practices, keeping software and operating systems up-to-date and a very key practice – applying ... »

Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program

“In the past, it was much easier for firewalls to detect significant threats to the network, because traffic could be classified based on specific protocols, and hackers’ approaches were not as sophisticated. The growing number of network threats today are ... »

FortiOS SSH Update

  On January 13, 2016 we reported about a FortiOS SSH exploit, and it looks like it has a larger scope than originally reported. After the original report, Fortinet further investigated their product line and discovered the same vulnerability on some ... »

Do you know what your biggest security risk is?

What do Sony, Ashley Maddison, and Target all have in common? All three enterprise companies were subject of a major data breach in 2015.  In lieu of the breaches stated above, others that occurred in 2015 and the attacks that ... »

‘Backdoor’ FortiOS Exploit!

FortiOS is an operating system that powers Fortinet’s firewall platform, FortiGate. On January 9, 2016, an exploit for an SSH backdoor in the FortiGate operating system was posted to the Full Disclosure mailing list. In a statement released by Fortinet ... »

Meet eDellRoot, The Rogue Certificate

Say hello to eDellRoot, the next major vulnerability to hit the enterprise information technology and security landscape. Dell, being one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, has reported a vulnerability concerning a Self-Signed root certificate that is breaking HTTPS. It ... »

How Do I Protect My Digital Assets?

A Guest Blog Post by Watchful Software. May 27, New York Times: Jawbone Accuses Fitbit of Stealing Information by Hiring Workers Away June 1, Credit Union Times: Email Data Breach Costs $1.3 Million September 23, Becker’s Health IT &CIO Review: Insider ... »

SecTor 2015 Recap

Every year SecTor brings together experts from around the world to share their latest research and techniques involving underground threats and corporate defences. The conference provides an unmatched opportunity for IT Professionals and Managers to connect with their peers and ... »

Fortinet Guest Blog Post: I’ve Got 99 Problems and Quite a Few of Them Are Android

Until relatively recently, mobile malware wasn’t that different from early PC malware – It was annoying, it probably invaded your privacy, and it took a toll on system resources but it wasn’t especially dangerous or costly in the way that ... »

Camp Secure Sense – Thank You!

First we would like to truly thank each and every one of you for attending Camp Secure Sense! We hope that you found the conference informative and worthwhile of your time. We understand the difficulty of taking time from your work ... »

Fortinet to Acquire Enterprise Wi-Fi Firm Meru Networks

Secure Sense partner Fortinet announced an acquisition agreement on Wednesday May 27th to acquire enterprise wireless networking solutions firm Meru Networks for $44 million. The acquisition expands  Fortinet’s secure wireless vision and further develops its opportunities in the global enterprise ... »

Tripwire Gold Status Partner

Secure Sense is happy to announce our recent move to a Gold Status Partner with Tripwire. Currently, we are the only Gold level Canadian Tripwire reseller in all of Canada. Tripwire has played an integral role in our Security profile ... »

Secure Sense Threat Map Powered by Fortinet

Secure Sense has now teamed up with its partner Fortinet to provide a threat map—now available on our new website. The Threat Map shows real-time traffic of cyber-attacks on a global scale, using input from over 2 million FortiGate devices ... »

Secure Sense Named Fortinet Platinum Partner

The recent accomplishments in the New Year have certainty set the pace in 2015 for Secure Sense. In addition to being named back-to-back Fortinet Co-Partner of the Year, we have recently been granted Platinum Partner status. Becoming a Platinum Partner ... »

Secure Sense Opens Office in Calgary

On the heels of earning a handful of new business, Secure Sense has expanded to an office in Calgary Alberta, optimizing company growth. With access to the Greater Toronto Area and Eastern Canada presently, we now have the ability to ... »