Fortinet Acquires Bradford Networks

Fortinet Acquires Bradford Networks

On June 4th, Fortinet announced they were acquiring Bradford Networks.

Strengthening the Fortinet Security Fabric and extend segmentation and security to the edge of the enterprise network including Internet of Things (IoT).

This purchase comes during a time of increased network traffic and an increase in the number of devices on a network. According to a recent Forrester study, 82% of companies surveyed are unable to identify all devices accessing their networks. With the integration of Bradford Networks, Fortinet aims to expand its security fabric to provide “large enterprises with the continuous visibility, micro segmentation and access control technology they need to contain threats and block untrusted devices from accessing the network.”

Chief Executive Officer of Bradford Networks, Rob Scott, said, “We are excited to join with Fortinet, the leader in network security to deliver exceptional visibility and security at scale to large enterprise organizations. Bradford Networks’ technology is already integrated with Fortinet’s Security Fabric including FortiGate, FortiSIEM, FortiSwitch and FortiAP products to minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats in even the toughest security environments such as critical infrastructure – power, oil and gas and manufacturing.”

As said earlier, the acquisition took place to combat the increased number of connected ‘things’. Gartner predicted that 4.2 billion of those connected things would be deployed in the enterprise environment in 2018, with that number expected to grow to 7.5 billion in just two years. An increased connectedness causes the surface area of attack to increase, thus, giving hackers further opportunities to infect a network. Fortinet describes this as the ‘classic security challenge’, where “security managers need to secure every single device every single time, while criminals only need one open port, one compromised or unknown device, or one uncontained threat to circumvent all of the effort going into securing the network.”

In conclusion, Fortinet believes this acquisition will provide customers with superior threat detection for mobile, IoT and network devices.

You can find more information on this acquisition on Fortinet’s blog here.