Fortinet to Acquire Enterprise Wi-Fi Firm Meru Networks

Secure Sense partner Fortinet announced an acquisition agreement on Wednesday May 27th to acquire enterprise wireless networking solutions firm Meru Networks for $44 million. The acquisition expands  Fortinet’s secure wireless vision and further develops its opportunities in the global enterprise Wi-Fi market. Acquiring Meru also enhances Fortinet’s increasing attention to GYOP scenarios, which includes their newly launched FortiGaurd Mobile Security subscription service, protecting mobile devices across the enterprise.

“Meru’s broad solution set includes:
• Access points that deliver wireless connectivity to support data, voice, and video applications with superior performance, low latency and reliability.
• Controllers to optimize wireless traffic across access points and client devices meeting mission-critical enterprise demands for wireless connectivity.
• SDN enabled Wi-Fi system software that seamlessly manages and secures wired and wireless LANs, as well as efficiently provisions Wi-Fi enabled end-user devices.
• Cloud and virtual wireless controllers and appliances that provide unprecedented choice and flexibility in deploying and scaling wireless infrastructure, whether through a data center or private cloud environment.”

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