It only takes one security incident to ruin the reputation of your brand.

Point-of-Sale breaches is one of the top cybersecurity threats to the retail industry. Protecting your customers credit card data, and personal information should be a top priority for all retail brands.
– Secure Sense CEO


The cyber security landscape is in constant flux. Threat attack surfaces are increasing rapidly, ransomware is on the rise and attackers are getting more and more sophisticated. It’s imperative that organizations that collect any type of customer data, be credit card or personal information, put cyber security at the top of their priority list.

Our Approach:

We believe that every organization’s needs are different; it’s no exception when it comes to retail. However, what all retailers have in common is the simple fact their environments tend to be widespread and across many platforms (brick and mortar and digital), and they collect a lot of customer data.

The Secure Sense approach needs to check 3 crucial boxes:

  • The solution needs to prevent loss of time and money
  • The solution should be relevent to address today’s security concerns
  • The solution needs to make sense for the customer

Technology Partner:

Retailers are in need of a solution that can protect against today’s threats. With advanced threat intelligence, you can quickly evolve your security posture to address the latest threats and trends.

Fortinet gives you a cohesive security infrastructure that fully integrates actionable threat intelligence and automates real-time advanced threat protection—across your attack surface.

Our Solution:

Secure Sense’s Fortinet Managed Service provides organizations with the expertise required to manage, configure, and maintain Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls. Along with the basic firewall capabilities, Fortinet UTM devices offer a multitude of services that may require additional skillsets that might not be readily available within an organization. This is the benefit that a Secure Sense Fortinet Managed Service provides to our customers.

All of our engineers are certified by Fortinet to recognize which configurations provide the highest level of security, without impacting business requirements. Furthermore, our Managed Service is designed with information security best practices in mind and is customizable to interact with and to complement an organization’s existing internal processes.

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