#LoveYourJob - Crew Interview

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Alanna

We’re back with another crew interview with one of our Customer Success Managers, Alanna! 

First things first, coffee or tea?

Definitely a tea fiend! I do occasionally partake in coffee, but this subsequently leads to my colleagues asking me to slow down because I’m talking a mile a minute.

Tell me about your role at Secure Sense:

My work as a Customer Success and Project Manager at Secure Sense involves acting as a point of contact for our customers to ensure their service is running smoothly and to coordinate efforts to make sure projects are progressing as they should. I am a resource for our customers with the aim of improving user experience and ensuring a seamless deployment and Managed Service.

What is your favourite part about working at Secure Sense:

Without a doubt, the people. We can be a wacky bunch, but everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive. An integral part of the fantastic dynamic is the team-first attitude where, regardless of our individual roles and responsibilities, we are all there to help each other succeed. Of course, all bets are off right now since we are in the middle of a fierce company-wide table tennis tournament and only one of us (me) can come out on top!      

Do you have any advice for future employees?

Bring a good attitude, be ready to learn, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

What was your favourite memory at Secure Sense?

Picking just one is hard! It would probably have to be playing silly games at our holiday party like using a balloon to blow all your plastic cups off the end of the table before your competitor.  Other top contenders for favourite memory would include Camp Secure Sense, playing soccer and softball, a myriad of food events (potlucks, BBQs, pancakes), or just the general day-to-day joking around.

Lastly, what’s your superpower?

Hmm…I have yet to be bitten by a radioactive creepy-crawly, but I have honed my skills of obnoxiousness for years and years by growing up as a younger sibling. I now channel this skill into pestering others into getting work done on projects for my customers. I am still working on the “great responsibility” that comes with this “great power” though, and occasionally use this power for mischief.

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At Secure Sense, we do our very best to make work fun. If you’re interested in joining a work hard, play hard environment we encourage you to check out our careers page here.