#LoveYourJob - Crew Interview

#LoveYourJob –Crew Interview

We’re back with another crew interview with our Office Manager, Kerry! 

First things first, coffee or tea? 

Of course, has to be Tea.

Tell me about your role at Secure Sense: 

I am the office Manager and started at Secure Sense in February 2014. I love what I do, as it is a bit of everything, each day is different.  From Reception, ordering Office supplies, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, helping with company events.  Assistant to whom ever needs an extra pair of hands.

What is your favourite part about working at Secure Sense:

There is so many.  First and fore most though it is the Secure Sense family.   They are not just co workers but family. Yes, we work hard but we also have fun.  When there is something that requires more hands and minds to be done it is a team effort and you can rely on anyone at Secure Sense to team up and get it done.

Do you have any advice for future employees? 

If you are lucky enough to get hired at Secure Sense embrace it.   People are friendly and inviting making you feel as part of the team/family.

 What is your favourite memory at Secure Sense?

I have seen many changes with the company, with expansion of the office… I have to say my funniest moment is during the renovations when the carpets were all being redone. We decided it would be a good laugh (seeing as we were having an inspector from the city coming by) to lie on the floor and have Matt draw a chalk line around him as if we had a body lying there.   Needless to say, we all had a very good laugh but don’t think the inspector thought it was a good joke.

Meet some of our other crew members:

LucyAlanna, Kevin, & Pat

At Secure Sense, we do our very best to make work fun. If you’re interested in joining a work hard, play hard environment we encourage you to check out our careers page here.