#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Kevin

Happy Monday! We’re here with Kevin, one of our Customer Success Managers, with another edition of  #LoveYourJob.

First things first, coffee or tea?

Coffee is life

Tell me about your role at Secure Sense:

My role as Customer Success Manager is to ensure our clients are happy with our Managed Services as well as investigating and implementing ways we can continually improve those services.

What is your most favourite part about working at Secure Sense?

It truly is like a quirky family here. Disagreements and differing viewpoints don’t divide us but actually help us improve and grow. Everyone has a voice and everyone respects each other.

Do you have any advice for future employees?

Put in 100% and Secure Sense will show the love right back

What is your favourite memory at Secure Sense?

Oh man, too many. I loved playing soccer and softball with everyone last year and we often have a pretty lively lunch time every day. Also looking forward to my first Camp Secure Sense this year!

Lastly, what’s your superpower?

Despite growing up in Ajax only a stones throw from the Pickering Nuclear Plant I somehow managed to not develop superpowers. Maybe if I win the lotto I can buy superpowers like Batman.

At Secure Sense, we do our very best to make work fun. If you’re interested in joining a work hard, play hard environment we encourage you to check out our careers page here.