#LoveYourJob - Crew Interview

#LoveYourJob – Crew Interview with Connor

Happy Monday, all! We’re back with another edition of #LoveYourJob, with SOC Analyst, Connor.


First things first, coffee or tea?

Coffee, always.

 Tell me about your role at Secure Sense:

Right now I am an analyst in our SOC (Security Operations Centre). As a SOC Analyst, we are kind of the ‘front line’  for our customers. As SOC analysts, we are primarily responsible for the initial investigation and triage of potential security-related events for our customers, ensuring that their environments and networks remain safe!  Although a lot of the job is responding to events happening in real-time, a large part of the job is also being proactive with customers cybersecurity, such as performing vulnerability scans and vulnerability management processes. But every day in the SOC is definitely a little different than the last, which keeps you on your toes! 

What is your most favourite part about working at Secure Sense:

Definitely the culture that has been established here. It’s a smaller company that is growing very quickly, and because of that, there is an established winning/successful culture. I have found that if you work hard and put out good work, you will definitely be rewarded. Secure Sense is also a very co-operative and collaborative place to work. Because we are a small company that is growing, you get work with all departments throughout the day and know everyone on a first name basis. Lastly, we have a ping-pong table! 

Do you have any advice for future employees?

Love to learn! This industry is changing/evolving so rapidly that loving to learn new things and expanding your knowledge should almost be a prerequisite. Also, Secure Sense offers a ton of access to resources to help all of their employees learn as much as they can in a variety of different areas of expertise. As mentioned before, Secure Sense if a very co-operative work environment, so definitely come ready to work well as a team!

What was your favourite memory at Secure Sense? 

Playing on the company slo-pitch team for sure has been a highlight so far. It was a fun time to get to know my colleagues a little better and see everyone outside of the office!

Lastly, what’s your superpower?

Time travel (I’m from the future)

At Secure Sense, we do our very best to make work fun. If you’re interested in joining a work hard, play hard environment we encourage you to check out our careers page here.