Mimecast acquires Cybersecurity training company Ataata

Mimecast acquires Cybersecurity training company Ataata

Currently, about 95% of data breaches stem from human error. Ataata aims to change this.

Secure Sense partner, Mimecast describes Ataata as a “security awareness training and cyber risk management platform that helps you combat information security breaches caused by employee mistakes.”

Essentially, it is a cybersecurity training course that captures data and transforms it into insights that security professionals can use to manage internal risk. Since the acquisition, both Mimecast and Ataata teams have been working to integrate the training platform, trying to create “the most advanced, sophisticated and effective cyber awareness training product on the market.”

Ataata Method

Once a company purchases the Ataata service, employees will be provided with a preliminary ‘test’ that scores employees on various security risk modules. Once a risk score is issued, employees can be provided with individual remote training modules to lower their score and associated risk.

Mimecast says there will be “No more “spray and pray” training regimens. CISO’s will now be able to expend budget and effort where it is really needed. Human Error – Handled.”

Ataata Statistics

Ataata users are 115% more knowledgeable about cybersecurity risk thank non-Ataata peers.

After three months, 33% of Ataata users report they’ve changed something in their daily lives to make them more secure.

After six months, Ataata companies report a more positive attitude about security, with some experiencing high of +80% positive shift.

To find out more about Ataata click the link here.

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