Email is the number-one application used to communicate.
It’s also the number-one vector for cyberattacks.

With email based attacks surged, and the level of sophistication of malware and ransomware, it’s imperative for organizations to implement a strong email security practice.
– Secure Sense Director of Sales


Welcome to the internet, cyber criminals are primarily using email, too. As a result of being the number-one vector used to initiate attacks, 90% of organizations have seen the volume of phishing attacks either rise or stay the same in the past year. Email can be a powerful business tool. But if it’s not a vital part of an organization’s core security strategy, it can become a major vulnerability.

Our Approach:

At Secure Sense, we understand the varying needs and requirements of every organization, and it’s no exception when it comes to email security. The dynamic nature of email-borne threats combined with the volume of emails that must be a solution that’s as agile, intelligent, and scalable as the methods deployed by those who seek to do harm.

The Secure Sense approach needs to check 3 crucial boxes:

  • The solution needs to prevent loss of time and money
  • The solution should be relevent to address today’s security concerns
  • The solution needs to make sense for the customer

Technology Partner:

Organizations require a solution that keeps their data protected, but doesn’t hinder performance and job function. Enter Mimecast.

Mimecast safeguards employee communication and reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced security controls.

Our Solution:

Managing an email solution takes resources—especially to keep an eye on alerts and anomalies at all hours of the day. Secure Sense’s SOC provides full-time support to analyze alerts, trends, anomalies and overall health of the product to ensure you’re realizing the best coverage and protection for your unique environment and risk profile.

Our clients leverage Secure Sense’s knowledge and experience of the solution and today’s threat landscape in order to keep up with best practice policy changes, detection signature and response action tuning and other ongoing customization and maintenance tasks that would otherwise burden your team. Our established team of experts can provide these benefits at a cost savings to you over the cost of dedicating your own resources.

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