Pop Quiz Winner!

Happy Tuesday! Thank you to those who participated in our Pop Quiz last Friday. We have entered all participants (with correct answers!) in the draw.

Below are the answers to each question:

  1. Cyber Security Awareness consists of which of the following?
    Answer: d, all of the above

  1. The spike in which 2020 IT trend was responsible for increased attack surface, decreased visibility, & overall increased risk for companies
    Answer: b, remote work

  1. If you are uncertain how your organization would fare in an assessment of your security posture maturity, you’re probably:
    Answer: d, already compromised

  1. Who is most likely to be a target of cyber-attacks?
    Answer: d, everyone

  1. What basic technology can help you mitigate the risks of phishing scams?
    Answer: d, all of the above

And the winner is? Munira Dhanani-Jeraj! Please keep an eye on your direct messages on LinkedIn as we will reach out to you regarding your prize.

Check back to the blog this week for week 2 of Cyber Security Awareness Month! Next up we are discussing Security Technology: Endpoint Protection.

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