SecurePATCHING Managed Service by Secure Sense

Unpatched systems are the most common technological factor in breaches and loss of productivity. Unfortunately, solutions to patch related risks are often themselves costly in terms of identifying and purchasing quality products, staffing and expertise.

Almost two-thirds of breach victims report being breached due to unpatched, known vulnerabilities and many of these victims were unaware that their organizations were vulnerable in the first place. Over half of the impacted organizations rely on manual patching processes that make it exceedingly difficult to keep up-to-date on patching cycles; meanwhile, the attack surface has exploded recently due to remote work scenarios and tens of thousands of CVEs are reported each year and this number is only increasing.). Cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, preying on outdated operating systems and applications, and endpoints are increasingly difficult to patch and troubleshoot due to their mobility, being off-net to patching tools and overburdened staff not having the resources necessary to overcome those hurdles. Even with the right tools, staffing and expertise are a challenge for IT budgets, especially where patching needs are typically messy, require follow-up processes and operate on conflicting schedules for staff availability. So, what can you do?

SecurePATCHING service powered by Tanium

To combat the threat of unpatched systems, increasing cyber attacks on these systems, and lack of resources, Secure Sense is delivering a new, fully managed, hosted patching solution powered by our partner, Tanium.  Our team will provide deployment services, ongoing asset discovery and management, patching module compilation and deployment, customization of patching workflows, technical support, exclusion management, and all manner of reporting and visibility customization. Secure Sense will work with your team to design a comprehensive patching plan that integrates with your change management and technical teams. In addition to scheduled and automated features of the service, our team is available for ad-hoc requests, emergency and zero-day patching response with criticality based service levels.

The features of the service include:

  • 24×7 support and management of patching, support and reporting requests
  • Profiling, organization and management of assets
  • Asset patch-compliance tracking and remediation
  • Patch program design and tuning, including patch module compiling, scheduling, approval chains and notifications
  • Implementation of patch modules on a scheduled basis, validation and follow-ups of exceptions
  • Intelligent workflows for OS and Application patching
  • Ad-hoc, emergency and zero-day patching according to criticality-based SLAs
  • Endpoint software licensing monitoring, allowing for unused software to be identified and licenses reclaimed, saving you money
  • Tracking and metrics designed to inform service improvement over time, demonstrate risk reduction and ROI
  • Progress tracking, notifications of patching activity and regular status meetings

The benefits of SecurePATCHING with Secure Sense:

  • Centralization of patch management across diverse assets and environments
  • Cost efficiency of staffing for MSP vs. hiring full-time employees
  • Process efficiency of 24×7 processes vs. availability of your resources during business hours
  • Low Perimeter Network load of our solution means lower risk when patching in terms of productivity and technical risks from pushing broad scale patches over the network
  • Advanced tracking and compliance metrics and advanced visibility of how risk profiles change in real time
  • All the benefits of a seasoned, experienced team to guide your patching activities
  • Dedicated resources committed to your success in the form of your CSM and extended Customer Success Team!

Interested in Chatting with a Security Professional about SecurePATCHING?

If you would like to know more about our SecurePATCHING service, our partner Tanium, or any other information about how Secure Sense can help your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 866-999-7506 or shoot us an email at