SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR Integration

Secure Sense is excited to be incorporating Security Orchestration, Automation and Response integration as a standard feature across our existing managed services through our SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR integration.

After a wide-ranging research and POC effort over the past year, our Service Development Team and Engineers (and the SOC themselves) unanimously chose to pursue and perfect a new approach to delivering our trusted services. Through this research, our team concluded that integrating SOAR into all of our services was the next step in providing increased value to our customers — not just as an add-on but toward fundamental principles of Integration, Automation and Enrichment.

The value of SecureREACH:

  • Consolidate: as part of our ongoing efforts to provide services that are comprehensive of the needs of our customers, we’ve made the decision to integrate SOAR into our core service delivery architecture across all services, enabling us to consolidate your data sources and controls into a platform that efficiently drives our SOC processes and allows for greater efficiency, accuracy and powerful correlation and response automations.
  • Enrich: by efficiently automating correlations and response actions across many systems that are fully context-driven by customer use cases and our best practice playbooks, we’re advancing our mandate to provide services that are not only comprehensive but flexible by their very nature. The addition of our SOAR platform enables integrations and correlations with an endless variety of valuable intelligence sources, further cementing our belief that flexibility and efficiency are not competing goals.
  • Strengthen: we’re enhancing our service delivery by taking the next leap in terms of improving efficiency, flexibility, visibility and reporting capabilities of our services. In addition, the service delivery enhancements enabled by this initiative enables greater visibility of what’s happening in our SOC, in your environment, and your security posture as a whole. This is an effort to strengthen not only our services and your security posture, but our relationship with our valued customers.

How does it work?

By leveraging the SOAR platform, our teams are able to process data from any sources, be they individual network and security controls, already aggregated and correlated data from your SIEM, your internal case management system, or other data sources. We can then automate customized playbooks, including response actions, increasing accuracy and response times, as well as giving us the ability to efficiently add a wealth of enrichment to our processes. This does not take the hands-on analyst out of the process – instead, they are able to leverage even more sources of intelligence and the coordinated capabilities of our entire team orchestrated in the most efficient and consistent way possible.

Service Overview:

  • Broadly increased opportunity for control integrations
  • Reduced time-to-respond for threats and operational issues
  • Increased data enrichment and correlation of security events
  • Integrated case management with your current commercial ticketing platform(s)
  • All the benefits of SOAR like workflow and response action automation
  • Consolidation of previously discrete processes across teams and technologies
  • Elimination of process breakdowns and greater process efficiency
  • Enhanced and actionable metrics across your security posture
  • Three initial user accounts (additional users will have an added cost at this time)

Interested in learning more about SecureREACH Managed Service SOAR integration? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 866-999-7506 or shoot us an email at

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