#SecurityTipTuesday: Be cautious about unsolicited emails

You see an email in your inbox that reads,”Your DHL package has arrived!” Oh fantastic, my package arrived! Wait, did I order anything that’s being shipped by DHL? Let me just click and open the attachment to make sure this is legitimate…

And just like that, you’ve been infected.

Security Tip # 4: Be cautious about unsolicited emails.

Kaspersky Labs define social engineering as a ‘form of technique employed by cyber criminals designed to lure unsuspecting users into sending them their confidential data, infecting their computers with malware or opening links to infected sites.’

It’s a fact, almost every type of attack contains social engineering. The classic “phishing” email, for example, is riddled with social overtones. Phishing emails attempt to convince users they are in fact from trusted sources, in the hopes of acquiring even a small bit of personal or company data. Emails that contain virus-filled attachments, are often sent from those mimicking trusted contacts or are offering media content that seems harmless, such as funny, adorable cat videos. (I mean, who could resist a cute cat video?)

We encourage you to be cautious of emails you’ve received, and if you’re unsure, ask your IT team! For more advice on security practices view the links below (they’re not malware, we promise!).

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And just like that today’s #SecurityTipTuesday has come to an end. If you have any questions about email security or cyber security in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out! If you missed our last Security Tip, check it out right here!

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