Customizable SIEM management and response services, SOC enablement
including EUBA and SOAR. Available as SaaS model via our SecureCloud.

The truth about monitoring and responding to threats across your environment is that visibility isn’t a matter of optimization, it’s a matter of survival. There remains no more effective tool than SIEM to correlate data across all your controls to enable the richest contextualization of information and cross-platform use cases integration for incident detection and response.


Secure Sense offers SaaS model hosted SIEM deployment via our secure cloud, as well as management and response services for both our hosted SIEM-as-a-Service offering or your own on-premises SIEM deployment. Our approach to delivering a SIEM service is to provide comprehensive best practice use cases and proactive custom use case development in one inclusive package that can meet the unique needs of any organization because, after all, it’s YOUR security.

Experienced Engineers

Your SIEM Service includes access to some of Canada’s most experienced SIEM Engineers managing some of Canada’s largest deployments.

Flexible Cost Models

Your SecureSIEM service has the flexibility to shift SIEM deployment from large capital expenditure to “pay for what you use” operational spending for better ROI.

Dedicated Resources

Your SIEM service has a dedicated SIEM Team working full time to ensure near 100% uptime and optimal functionality of your solution, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

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SecureResponse SIEM

SecureSIEM Response Service: Monitoring all of your controls efficiently enough to have a meaningful impact on threat response and containment is not feasible for most organizations without some help, and through our SecureSIEM Response solution, our customers have expert resources and tools that can consolidate information and apply advanced correlation and intelligence to processing the data.

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    SecureCloud SIEM

    SecureSIEM Cloud service: To reflect our customers’ needs to reduce datacenter footprint and capital investments, we developed our SecureSIEM offering as a highly available cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service for organizations who desire the full capabilities of a Next-Gen SIEM platform without incurring the challenges of hosting an on-premises solution.

      *By downloading the service data sheet, you will be agreeing to receive communication from Secure Sense representatives.

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