Next-Generation Firewall

Secure Sense offers a flexible firewall solution, powered by Fortinet, offering your organization the ability to simply offload maintenance and monitoring efforts or providing you with full support for your firewall policy creation, architectural support, triage, and response of advanced threats. Our team of Fortinet NSE certified engineers and SOC analysts provide 24×7 service for all levels of support. No matter the size or complexity of your environment, our firewall managed services are designed with information security best practices in mind and are customizable to interact with and complement an organization’s requirements and policies. 


Secure Sense has partnered with Telus to bring bandwidth across Canada and provide fully diverse last mile connectivity anywhere. Our 24×7 monitoring service will provide visibility into your environment any time of day, ensuring it is operating optimally and securely. Our included SD-WAN Architecture and Engineering support ensures you are getting comprehensive value for your environment and services as they exist today, as well as the flexibility to accommodate forecasted needs as your infrastructure and services adapt to growing business needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a Secure Sense service can help improve your security please email us at and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch!