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Android malware creators throw up a roadblock to thwart the good guys

Emulation testbeds have been considered by security practitioners to be a useful tool to conduct operational security exercises and a variety of research. For almost as long, malware writers have sought to thwart such tools. SophosLabs has come across some fresh examples of this – specifically, anti-emulation Android malware. The findings are in a Sophos Blog write up by Android specialists Chen Yu, William Lee, Jagadeesh Chandraiah and Ferenc László Nagy. In it, they explain...

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Another Android Vulnerability, Is Anyone Really Surprised?

In the latest saga of Android vulnerabilities, a new malware called “HummingBad” is making its rounds and has already infected over 10 million devices worldwide. According to Check Point, the majority of infected devices are overseas in Asian countries, and approximately 280,000 devices are infected in the United States. While Check Point discovered this malware in February of this year, the number of instances has increased exponentially in the last several...

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Hackers Play Freeze Tag with Your Android Device

Well, it’s not a game, and it certainly isn’t fun, especially if you’re holding the phone – but hackers are constantly finding new ways to mess with Android users. This time, it is in the form of a quasi-ransomware coined Dospectus by Secure Sense partner, Blue Coat. We say quasi, because the ransomware doesn’t actually encrypt the victim’s data, but rather takes control of and locks the device. Dospectus, was revealed...

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