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Why SMBs Are Easy Targets for the Bad Guys

As malicious hackers turn up the heat, small and medium businesses can’t remain complacent - the threats to their security are real and growing worse all the time. This blog was originally posted by Symantec.  During a recent business dinner, I wound up sitting beside the owner of a logistics company who confidently confided that his 6-person business was just too small to hack. His firm annually grossed somewhere in the high 6-figures...

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When Robots Go Rogue – Cylance Identifies What’s Real in AI

Westworld… J.A.R.V.I.S.… Knight Rider… seems like we’ve been surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time, doesn’t it? Thanks to Cylance we're able to make sense of and understand exactly what Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning really are. As other solutions play catch up to Cylance, they inevitably flood the marketplace with A LOT of confusion. Security pros need to be able to make sense of what is new, why Cylance is...

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Presenting a Cylance Unbelievable Tour: Toronto 2016!

 They say, “Seeing is believing.” And, that’s never been truer for those information security professionals who have attended a Cylance’s coast-to-coast “Unbelievable Demo Tour”. The good news if you have never been? We've added a stop in Toronto, for the first and arguably the most anticipated product demo. What to expect at this event? The Unbelievable Tour commences with an overview of Secure Sense and Cylance. We take a deep dive into...

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