Hacky Hack Hack

A 14-year-old Australian boy hacked into Apple servers and downloaded 90GB in documents The 14-year-old teen from Melbourne Australia was found to have broken into Apple servers and downloaded approximately 90GB of information. When law enforcement intercepted him, they confiscated ... »

Have you heard of Fruitfly, a near-undetectable Mac backdoor Malware?

Even six months after it was discovered, the first Mac malware of the year is still causing a giant headache. According to ZDNet, the recently discovered Fruitfly malware is a stealthy but highly-invasive infection for Macs that went undetected for ... »

Google Project Zero Prize Pays $200,000 for Critical Vulnerability Chains

Apple isn’t the only one offering up a $200,000 reward for severe vulnerabilities on mobile devices. Google followed suit yesterday with the announcement of the Project Zero Prize, and like the Apple Security Bounty, the top payout is $200,000. Announced ... »

iCloud Takeover Really is as Simple as One, Two, Three

Approximately 40 million iCloud accounts are rumoured to be hacked, but according to CSO Online, that number is likely overblown. Step one: Leaked credentials. Step two: “Find My iPhone” – lost mode. Step three: Lock user out and leave a ... »

How Hackers Are Getting Siri to Show Them Your Photos

When the FBI took Apple to court it was with the intention of ordering the tech giants to build a backdoor that allowed them entry into a terrorists locked iPhone, as we have previously blogged. The FBI has since dropped ... »