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Brute Force: Anatomy of an Attack
Brute Force: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack, Varonis

The media coverage of NotPetya has hidden what might have been a more significant cyber attack: a brute force attack on the UK Parliament. While for many it was simply fertile ground for Twitter Brexit jokes, a cyber attack like this that targets a significant government body is a reminder that brute force remains a common threat to be addressed. It also raises important questions as to how such a cyber attack could have happened in...

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How to defend against the WannaCrypt global ransomware attack via ZDNet

All the malware's attack vectors and infection spreads are not yet known, but we do know how to protect vulnerable systems. Friday's ransomware outbreak is ongoing and while researchers work to stem the tide of infection, businesses, governments, and individuals can help the cause by making sure they have protected themselves. The attack is due to a kind of ransomware called Wanna Decryptor, also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r and WannaCry. The malware...

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Defending Against El Machete’s Malware Attacks with Cylance

Can You Protect Against El Machete? El Machete is a targeted attack campaign that was first publicly disclosed and named by Kaspersky here. The Cylance SPEAR™ Team, whilst tracking and monitoring threats, found that El Machete has continued to operate successfully, predominantly in Latin America, since 2014. SPEAR was able to identify just over three hundred unique victims over the past month as well as over 100GB worth of data that...

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Nuclear Power Plant Disrupted by Cyber Attack

The head of an international nuclear energy consortium said this week that a cyber attack caused a “disruption” at a nuclear power plant at some point during the last several years. A nuclear power plant became the target of a disruptive cyber attack two to three years ago, and there is a serious threat of militant attacks on such plants, the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog said on Monday. International...

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Hack warnings prompt cyber ‘security fatigue’

Relentless cyber security warnings have given people "security fatigue" that stops them keeping themselves safe, suggests a study. Many ignored warnings they received, found the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Others were worn out by software updates and by the number of passwords they had to remember, NIST found. This "risky behaviour" might make people more susceptible to attack, it warned. Inevitable attack "We weren't even looking for fatigue in our...

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Cybercrooks use drive-by malware to rob Reddit users’ cryptowallets

An as yet unnamed drive-by-download malware is targeting the cryptowallets of Reddit users. Details of the attack are still unclear, but it appears attackers are using malicious links designed to appeal to those monitoring the changes in the Bitcoin prices. They disguise the bait as “price updates” which redirect victims to a website called “CryptoChartiq” when clicked, according to The Merkle.  Some of the details on the malware come from Reddit users with...

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Anti-DDoS Firm Target of DDoS Attack

Irony- the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, or in this case, a company who falls victim to the very thing they exist to defend against. On March 10, 2016 global DDoS protection company, Staminus, was the recipient of a DDoS attack. This distributed denial of service attacks rendered their network inoperable for over 20 hours. Staminus released a statement confirming that issue was a result...

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eBay Exposed to Vulnerability

On December 15, 2105, Israeli security firm Check Point, informed the e-commerce giant, eBay about an online sales platform vulnerability. This flaw would allow cyber criminals to distribute phishing attacks and deploy malicious code on eBay’s users. On February 2, 2016 after demonstrating that the hackers could bypass eBay’s security initiatives, Check Point went public with the information, as eBay claimed there are no immediate plans to fix the issue. The...

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