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Lesson Learned: Security Awareness Training

Think back for a second on all the safety lessons we learned as kids; for example, when you cross a street, you look both ways. But some safety lessons had to evolve over time. For example, no one wore seat belts. We would bounce around the back of the station wagon and think it was fun. As adults, we learned the important of seat belts, the safety they provide and wear them...

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Ten Cyber Security Predictions for 2017 via BeyondTrust

In the cosmic wink of an eye, 2016 is almost done. So, it’s that time of year to invoke the dark arts of prediction and try to determine how the next year will unfold. For cyber security, predicting the future is not nearly as scientific as tracking the next major hurricane or earthquake, but certainly, does follow trends and patterns.While technology evolves from on-premise resources to the cloud, the reality of...

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