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Can We Take It With Us to the #Cloud?

As more organizations move to the cloud, security professionals are coming to a number of hard realizations, and quickly. First, saying “no” to the cloud is NOT happening. What IS happening is moving to the cloud, so get over it. Second, cloud providers are secretive, scheming Illuminati types that hide things from us. OK, I made up that second one, but it sometimes feels this way based on the paucity of...

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How to Sell Cloud Security Solutions to SMBs

It’s easy to think of cybersecurity threats as something that mainly targets the nation’s largest and most profitable enterprises. In the news, we see stories of the data breaches of massive healthcare and insurance networks, of retailers with thousands of nationwide outlets, and of government offices compromised with complex, sustained attacks, sometimes presumably undertaken by state-sponsored actors. It’s enough to make you think that the little guy, the scrappy, independent small...

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Easing Your Enterprise into the Cloud

With so much negative publicity focused around “the cloud”, it’s no wonder that companies are cautious to make the switch. But we all know that there is a certain level of push-back when it comes to changes, especially ones that command a whirlwind force such as the cloud. Some have latched onto it with bright eyes while others struggle to make that proverbial leap. Sometimes you’ve got to look at the...

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