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Get It From The Source: Avoiding Covid-19 Vaccine Scams and More Trending Phishing Tactics

People are getting vaccinated! As Covid-19 infection and hospitalization rates decline again, we’re hopeful this time is different and with enough people getting access to effective vaccines there is light at the end of the tunnel to end the pandemic - at the very least in the form of achieving a managed level of endemic. We are all seeking a return to something approaching normalcy and an end to the...

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Securing the Evolving Workplace: Zero Trust and COVID-19

By: Bassam Khan Many companies have had to drastically, and quickly, restructure the way they work in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few weeks. For those businesses that were able, their entire workforce switched to working from home (WFH) practically overnight. We currently don’t know how long this way of working will last, and many are even suggesting that this unprecedented situation will change how we work forever. This...

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Emergency Enablement for Remote Work: Secure Virtual Desktop Edition

By: Matthew Watkinson “These are unprecedented times.” A sentiment rendered no less true despite my disdain for hearing this phrase multiple times a day. We ARE in unprecedented times. We live in a world where the majority of the workforce is no longer in secure, cozy office environments, and there has been a substantial migration to where “working from home” is the norm, and no longer the exception.   For the lucky, employees were set up with work-from-home capabilities long before 2020...

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Emergency Enablement For Remote Work: Office 365 Edition

By: Matthew Watkinson Many organizations leverage Microsoft Office 365 currently hosting over 200 Million user accounts. Windows 2008 R2 Support terminating in January of this year, it was an easy business decision to migrate the service, since servers were being upgraded and retired anyways.   Office 365 offers benefits over running your own infrastructure, including reducing server footprint and management overhead, reducing patching and upgrade maintenance requirements, increased scalability, and most importantly a...

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