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What is Breach and Attack Simulation from Cymulate?

Written by: Mike Talon One of our site visitors asked a pretty popular question recently: “What, exactly, is Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)?” Let’s dive in and have a look at this form of security control testing. So, what are "security controls?” Simply put, a security control is anything that limits the ability of a threat actor to accomplish their goal, or otherwise stop even a legitimate user from doing something they...

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Let’s Get Offensive – The Pros and Cons of Diverse Security Testing Methods

Most IT teams only know if they are protected against a cyber attack when one actually occurs. Organizations spend considerable resources to ensure that they have the best defenses in place. Yet the only way to ascertain those tools’ effectiveness is by launching an offensive. Combining defensive and offensive attack strategies enables you to challenge your security infrastructure and ensure that when the moment of truth comes, your organization will...

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