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What WikiLeaks’ massive CIA leak tells us about cybersecurity via Sophos Naked Security

Here we go again. In 2010, WikiLeaks published a disturbing heads-up video of US helicopters strafing “insurgents” who turned out to be Reuters journalists. Weeks later came Cablegate, a leak by Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning of 251,000 US diplomatic cables. By the time Edward Snowden’s name became famous in 2013, the mystique around US intelligence agencies was disappearing faster than the movie assassins who fancied a crack at killing Jason Bourne. Yesterday,...

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DailyMotion Hack Leaks Emails, Passwords of 87m Users

DailyMotion, a popular video sharing website, said Tuesday it recently suffered an “external security problem” resulting in the compromise of an unspecified number of its users’ data. LeakedSource.com, a repository of breached data, added DailyMotion to its list of “Hacked Sites” on Monday. The site, which operates a subscription service of sorts for leaked data, claims to have information on 87,610,750 users of the video sharing site. DailyMotion would not confirm...

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2.2 Million Sensitive Records Leaked

A mid-2014 database that contained 2.2 million records of individuals with suspected ties to terrorism, organized crime, money laundering, bribery, and corruption links has been leaked. The source of the leak is from World-Check, a database of politically exposed persons and heightened risk individuals and organizations created to help banks avoid aiding terrorists. World-Check falls under the umbrella of parent company, Thomson Reuters, which is a major multinational mass media and...

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Did Anyone Learn from the Ashley Madison’s Breach?

It should really come as no shock to anyone these days that an online dating website has been hacked. The latest subject of attack is self-proclaimed ‘elite’ dating website BeautifulPeople.com, which has suffered a massive database leak, exposing the personal and sensitive information of 1.1 million users. According to HaveIBeenPwned, a data breach notification website, the leaked user data includes a whopping 15 million personal messages between users, as well as: Beauty...

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