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Google's Summer Privacy Changes
Google’s Summer Privacy Changes

#1: Google is implementing a new privacy system that lets you know if you are being attacked by the government Last week, Google announced they were adding a feature that notifies organizations if they believe one or more user accounts are being attacked by government-backed hacking. This latest addition can be activated by an admin. ZDNet writes, you will be notified “If Google believes a government based attacked has attempted to access...

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What has Google done ahead of GDPR?

Effective on May 25th 2018, the EU is implementing an extensive data protection regulation (GDPR) that provides EU residents greater freedom over their personal data and how it is collected and used.   Over the weekend Google announced the altercations they’re making to their privacy policy to comply with these regulations. This change affects all Google products and devices. However, before we discuss what Google has done, it’s important to understand what...

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Google removes another set of malicious apps from play marketplace

Last week we blogged about the importance of having a cybersecurity plan address the risks of Web Applications here. Today it's been reported that Google has removed not one, but two malicious apps ZTORG Trojans from their play marketplace (and this is not the second time in the month of June!). A researcher with Kaspersky Lab on Tuesday described how attackers managed to evade settings set in place by Google Play’s VerifyApps malware scanner...

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Big Security Hole Found in Popular Password Manager Site

A Google security researcher found the vulnerability in LastPass, endangering personal data for millions of its customers. A security researcher found a major vulnerability in popular password manager LastPass that could allow hackers to steal passwords and login credentials from users while using the LastPass web browser extension. The company is working to patch the vulnerability, according to a post on the LastPass' blog. The vulnerability, LastPass says, could allow hackers to...

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Google Does it Again: Discloses Unpatched Microsoft Edge and IE Vulnerability

This month has yet been kind of interesting for cyber security researchers, with Google successfully cracked SHA1 and the discovery of Cloudbleed bug in Cloudflare that caused the leakage of sensitive information across sites hosted behind Cloudflare. Besides this, Google last week disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) library, which affects Microsoft's Windows operating systems ranging from Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to the latest Windows 10. While...

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Google and Microsoft in war of words over bug disclosure

The search engine company publicized a critical Windows bug 10 days after informing the software firm about it. Google and Microsoft are in a war of words after the search engine company publicized a critical Windows bug just 10 days after telling the software firm about it. The bug, which allows privilege escalation in Windows, was discovered by Google on 21 October. An attacker can use it to access things they should...

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Google Project Zero Prize Pays $200,000 for Critical Vulnerability Chains

Apple isn’t the only one offering up a $200,000 reward for severe vulnerabilities on mobile devices. Google followed suit yesterday with the announcement of the Project Zero Prize, and like the Apple Security Bounty, the top payout is $200,000. Announced by Google’s Project Zero research team, the contest began yesterday and is scheduled to run through next March 14. Researchers are invited to find critical bugs in Android, specifically on Nexus...

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