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Threat Of Iranian Cyberattacks: What Are The Risks?

The US Department of Homeland Security is warning organizations of potential Iranian cyberattacks. While this is no strong indication that Canada would be targeted for cyberattacks by Iran, the overall risk is heightened, especially for Canadian companies operating in or with assets in the US. Learn more from Dark Reading below, as well as, get recommendations from our partner SentinelOne on what you can do to protect your organization. DHS Warns of Potential...

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CrowdStrike CTO Explains “Breakout Time” — A Critical Metric in Stopping Breaches

This video features CrowdStrike® Co-founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch discussing why “breakout time” is a critical measurement for organizations trying to stop a breach. As Alperovitch explains, “Breakout time is the time between when an intruder gets on a machine, whether it’s through spear phishing or some sort of strategic web compromise, and when they break out of the beachhead they’ve established and compromise other systems.” Breakout time was first introduced...

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Addressing the Challenges of Moving Security to the Edge

By: John Maddison, Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions For many organizations, the network perimeter has been replaced with a variety of new network edges. Many of these include unique challenges that can severely complicate an organization’s ability to maintain a consistent and manageable security infrastructure. These security challenges are two-fold. The first involves implementing effective and consistent policy enforcement at an edge in spite of its unique network or platform configurations...

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What is vulnerability management?
What is Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the key for a safer future for your organization. It’s safe to say that the WannaCry Ransomware attack was one the worst attacks in recent history, approximately 200,000 devices were infected. Well, what if we told you that this attack could have been easily remediated, I bet you wouldn’t believe us. Well unfortunately that’s the case. The WannaCry Ransomware is just one case of thousands that highlights the...

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Free Ransomware Decrypt if you Infect Two Friends
New Ransomware Offers Free Decryption if you Infect Two Friends

A new ransomware dubbed ‘Popcorn Time’ offers you a free decrypt if you infect two friends. Let’s say it how it is, getting infected with ransomware sucks a lot. You either need to wait it out and hope a free decrypt software comes out or you pay it out (DO NOT PAY). Well, a new breed of ransomware was recently discovered by the MalwareHunterTeam research group. This ransomware allows you to...

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Halfway Analysis of 2018 Predictions
2018 Cybersecurity Predictions

Looking back, 2017 had all the twists and turns of a good disaster movie. Hackers steal and leak the NSA’s powerful exploit kit that’s then unleashed on the world through a Dr. Evilish ransomware-worm hybrid.  Later, a top U.S. credit reporting agency discloses a breach involving the social security numbers of 143 million Americans. Meanwhile, a $1.8 billion legal battle is being waged between two tech giants over stolen software for self-driving cars. In the...

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Preparation is the best defence against a ransomware attack
Preparation is the best defence against a ransomware attack

Imagine how well you’d fare in a cage match with an extremely intimidating opponent. Such a nightmare scenario might seem a bit far-fetched to you. Indeed, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever find yourself trapped and outmatched in the ring in real life - but what about ransomware? But the arena of cyberspace is a different place. It has no shortage of rogues who will prey on you — or, in this...

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#SecurityTipTuesday: Stay Ahead of the Attack and Patch!

There are countless ways that attackers can compromise your network. Malware infected email attachments and compromised websites that deliver harmful scripts, typically tend to take advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities in OS systems, web browsers, and other applications to do irreparable damage. This week's Security Tip Tuesday is the importance of the patch! 3. Stay ahead of the attack and patch! Patch management simply the easiest method to defend against various threats. Attackers are still...

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Is your virtualized environment at risk for a data breach?

You know a concept is solid when it grows from a good idea to a standard business practice. It can feel like the change takes place overnight, especially if the solution can quickly prove its ROI – a company adopts it, and suddenly, it can’t imagine life without it. When virtualization hit the data center, it quickly became the industry standard. Virtualized infrastructure helps cut data center costs, boost performance and...

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Twitter Wasn’t Hacked, People Just Love Reusing Passwords

Last week there were many reports that Twitter had been hacked and that a user database of 32 million, was listed on the dark web. Twitter claims that this is not the case. Twitter’s Information Security Officer, Michael Coates, posted a response to this potential hack on their site, and took to the microblogging site. [caption id="attachment_849" align="alignnone" width="624"] Twitter Wasn’t Hacked, People Just Love Reusing Passwords[/caption] What is suspected to be...

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