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Industry Event: IoMT Security in Healthcare – The Next Threat Vector

Currently, there are 7.1 million patients using connected medical devices and remote monitoring solutions. As healthcare organizations connect more devices, the more unprepared they become to address the security risks these devices introduce. Attacks on healthcare organizations and IoMT devices are becoming more sophisticated and protected health information is at risk. While firewalls are part of the standard arsenal of security tools, they are not enough to protect connected medical devices...

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IoMT Security in Healthcare

Happy New Year and welcome back to the first work week of the year! As we move into 2021, we can look back into 2020 and see that it was a tough year for many industries as the pandemic brought on a new level of cybercrime that ultimately took advantage of those unprepared for a surge in attacks. The healthcare industry was no exception and has been hit even harder over...

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