Can employees learn not to make cyber security mistakes?

We’ve long maintained that technical means are not enough to protect a business from cyber threats. It’s possible for a single person to negate the effect of an entire information cyber security team. In many cases, it may be unintentional, the ... »

Defending Against El Machete’s Malware Attacks with Cylance

Can You Protect Against El Machete? El Machete is a targeted attack campaign that was first publicly disclosed and named by Kaspersky here. The Cylance SPEAR™ Team, whilst tracking and monitoring threats, found that El Machete has continued to operate ... »

Overlay Malware Revealed on Google AdSense

Sipping on your first-morning coffee, and checking the news on your Android, seems pretty harmless right? Wrong. The latest strand of malware can hit any site that uses Google AdSense … and unfortunately that’s a lot of them. The malware ... »