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With KeRanger, Mac Users Are No Longer Immune to Ransomware Threats via Varonis

Cybercriminals who previously targeted Windows operating systems with ransomware have expanded their customer base to include the Mac OS. Known as KeRanger, it’s the first ransomware variant detected that infects Mac users. Unlike the usual methods of entry, such as phish email, KeRanger victims were instead infected through Transmission, a peer-to-peer file transfer program. Transmission has since removed the infected installers and recommended an upgrade. KeRanger authors also had a valid Mac...

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My Mac Can’t Really Be Vulnerable, Can It?

On March 4, 2016, the Palo Alto Networks research team discovered a new MAC OS X ransomware called KeRanger that had infected the Transmission BitTorrent client installer. KeRanger is the first official complete and functioning ransomware to affect OS X. FileCoder, which was discovered in 2015 by Kapsersky Lab, was the first of its kind, but incomplete at the time of its discovery. While malware is usually distributed through email, these...

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