Thousands of WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code

Malicious code redirects users to tech support scams, some of which use new “evil cursor” Chrome bug. Thousands of WordPress sites have been hacked and compromised with malicious code this month, according to security researchers at Sucuri and Malwarebytes. All compromises seem to ... »

GhostHook Attack Bypasses Window 10 Patchguard

Security experts have recently discovered a method of bypassing Windows 10 PatchGuard protections and deploying malicious code into the Windows kernel, allowing attackers to plant rootkits on systems previously thought to be impregnable. More than 400 million devices worldwide currently ... »

Google removes another set of malicious apps from play marketplace

Last week we blogged about the importance of having a cybersecurity plan address the risks of Web Applications here. Today it’s been reported that Google has removed not one, but two malicious apps ZTORG Trojans from their play marketplace (and this is ... »