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Mouse hovering malware delivery scheme identified, refered to as potentially very dangerous

It's been discovered that cybercriminals are using a new technique to infect computers that only requires a victim place their cursor over a malicious hyperlink for the malware to be injected. The newly discovered technique was noticed by several cybersecurity researchers – with dodgethissecurity doing an extensive analysis. The information security blog reported that an attack begins with the target receiving an email containing an attached PowerPoint document. “This PowerPoint document was...

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What really is Ransomware?

We're writing this post specifically for the people who have absolutely no idea what ransomware is, or those who have heard the buzz word but don't really know what it means. It's easy to read the word, and assume a definition, but can you really sit there and say you know EXACTLY what ransomware is? Don't fret. We will explain in a practical, not technical language that you can easily understand,...

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Snapchat Falls Victim to Phishing Attack

On Friday February 26, 2016, the popular photo sharing app, Snapchat, fell victim to a sophisticated phishing attack. Employees were “targeted by an isolated email phishing scam”, where the scammer impersonated Snapchat’s Chief Executive Officer, Evan Spiegel, according to a blog posted by Snapchat representatives on Sunday. The malicious email requested payroll information about current and former employees. While Snapchat is not giving away details, this information could include addresses,...

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