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Customer Success Management
The Secure Sense Approach to Customer Success

A founding principle at Secure Sense is our dedication to customer success and care – an approach that spans across all areas of business. Each practice is fuelled by creating the best customer service outcome, so the natural next step was to integrate a Customer Success Management Team (or CSM for short!) into our Managed Services offerings. Our CSM team is now an integral part of all our Managed Service...

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What is vulnerability management?
Why Should Organizations Use A Managed Service Provider?

Today, business owners have hundreds of things to worry about, coupled with the rise of cybercrime it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on top of everything. Bad actors work around the clock to find exploits in our networks and damage our brand. This makes it extremely difficult to maintain a strong security posture. Furthermore, the level of difficulty is exponentially greater when cybersecurity is placed on the back burner within the...

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Benefits of a managed service
Security Trends: Managed Security Service Providers via Fortinet

Maintain your organization's integrity, and reduce the risk across all platforms with a Secure Sense Managed Service. At Secure Sense, the safety of your data is the driving force behind providing innovative and efficient protection practices that will never compromise or ignore the security of your data. Built on the premise of providing a service for products that we trust in and are experts at both deploying and managing, we can...

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