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The Value of a Secure Sense MSSP

Happy October, AKA Cyber Security Awareness Month for anyone in the #InfoSec world! Throughout the month of October, the Secure Sense team will be taking turns on the blog, sharing our top tips, tricks and best cyber security practices all with the ultimate goal of improving your security posture. Today, we will be revisiting the value of a MSSP (Managed Service Provider!) and how Secure Sense managed services can benefit your...

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Ransomware Awareness & Response

Welcome back to Cyber Security Awareness Month with Secure Sense! Last week we discussed human error in cyber security and the importance of training your employees to avoid being a victim of a phishing scheme or social engineering attack. This week, we are reviewing ransomware – an attack that is often times a result of credentials stolen via phishing campaigns, or from malicious email links themselves. Ransomware attacks have hit...

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