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CIO approved practices to keep your passwords strong and data secure

In today’s edition of Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re discussing password management and why it’s vital to install a password manager on your browser. As we discussed in the blog last week, cyber security training should include password training – having a unique, complex password for every account is incredibly important to reduce the risks of losing data in a breach. Today we will review password hygiene and our top three...

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Hacker Steals Password
7 Ways Hackers Steal Your Passwords

We never stop hearing about passwords in the news and there are plenty of tips and tricks to help avoid having your password stolen - but do you know some of the most common ways hackers get a hold of this private information? Our partner, SentinelOne shares 7 ways hackers steal your passwords. Credential Stuffing Risk Level: High It is estimated that tens of millions of accounts are tested daily by hackers using credential...

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