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CIO approved practices to keep your passwords strong and data secure

In today’s edition of Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re discussing password management and why it’s vital to install a password manager on your browser. As we discussed in the blog last week, cyber security training should include password training – having a unique, complex password for every account is incredibly important to reduce the risks of losing data in a breach. Today we will review password hygiene and our top three...

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Hacker Steals Password
7 Ways Hackers Steal Your Passwords

We never stop hearing about passwords in the news and there are plenty of tips and tricks to help avoid having your password stolen - but do you know some of the most common ways hackers get a hold of this private information? Our partner, SentinelOne shares 7 ways hackers steal your passwords. Credential Stuffing Risk Level: High It is estimated that tens of millions of accounts are tested daily by hackers using credential...

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7 Signs You have a Weak Password

As we welcome 2019 and set goals for the year ahead, we think it's the perfect time to rethink and refresh your all your weak passwords. It a great time to refresh those stale and potentially leaked passwords you’ve been hanging on to (and reusing!) for so long. In December 2018, we saw yet another huge data breach, this time at question-and-answer site Quora, with over 100 million user passwords said to...

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