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Effective Patch Management Tools for Your Organization

Welcome back to the blog for our final Cyber Security Awareness Month blog! Today we are focusing on the importance of patching and remediation. This key security step can prevent the majority of breaches and save organizations from an unfortunate, and costly, attack. A study by Ponemon shows that over 60% of breaches are due to unpatched, known vulnerabilities and many of the victims were unaware that their organizations were...

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SecurePATCHING Managed Service by Secure Sense

Unpatched systems are the most common technological factor in breaches and loss of productivity. Unfortunately, solutions to patch related risks are often themselves costly in terms of identifying and purchasing quality products, staffing and expertise. Almost two-thirds of breach victims report being breached due to unpatched, known vulnerabilities and many of these victims were unaware that their organizations were vulnerable in the first place. Over half of the impacted organizations rely...

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#SecurityTipTuesday: Stay Ahead of the Attack and Patch!

There are countless ways that attackers can compromise your network. Malware infected email attachments and compromised websites that deliver harmful scripts, typically tend to take advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities in OS systems, web browsers, and other applications to do irreparable damage. This week's Security Tip Tuesday is the importance of the patch! 3. Stay ahead of the attack and patch! Patch management simply the easiest method to defend against various threats. Attackers are still...

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