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Cyber Security
3 Reasons Why Employees Don’t Care About Cyber Security

According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, which analyzes security incidents that happened last year, again reported that humans were the weak link that led to many of the cyber security breaches. So yes, cyber criminals will generally start with what is often the biggest and clearest vulnerability – the employee. Most companies do have cyber security policies and/or some training in place, so why are these measures often not...

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Top 3 Myths of Security Awareness Training

Security Mentor has been at this a while - teaching, educating and training companies worldwide about how to work smart and securely – and in the process, transforming employee attitudes towards security. Across a wide range of industries and unique business needs, these organizations are achieving tangible results boosting the security of their workforce. The result: engaged employees that value security. So call us surprised when we continue to run into companies...

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Do you know what your biggest security risk is?

What do Sony, Ashley Maddison, and Target all have in common? All three enterprise companies were subject of a major data breach in 2015.  In lieu of the breaches stated above, others that occurred in 2015 and the attacks that are happening right now, we think it’s the right time to re-evaluate your current security posture and provide a solution to tackle your biggest security risk; your employees. It should...

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