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The human factor: Can employees learn not to make mistakes?
Can employees learn not to make cyber security mistakes?

We’ve long maintained that technical means are not enough to protect a business from cyber threats. It’s possible for a single person to negate the effect of an entire information cyber security team. In many cases, it may be unintentional, the result of lacking basic cyber security knowledge, being unaware of threats, or diverted attention. There, however, complications may arise. The person who decides staff awareness needs to be raised is not...

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Do you know what your biggest security risk is?

What do Sony, Ashley Maddison, and Target all have in common? All three enterprise companies were subject of a major data breach in 2015.  In lieu of the breaches stated above, others that occurred in 2015 and the attacks that are happening right now, we think it’s the right time to re-evaluate your current security posture and provide a solution to tackle your biggest security risk; your employees. It should...

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